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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

۱۲ مطلب با موضوع «Other» ثبت شده است

  10etiquettes of visiting Imam Ridha (as) described by Ayatollah Khamenei
Nov 30, 2016

 1. Pay attention to the presence of the Imam (as)
The first condition for a pilgrimage to be accepted is to meet with his Majesty, the Imam; in other words, visiting the shrine is not limited to simply entering and existing in a place. You have to keep in mind the presence that is there, there is a lofty soul present; pay attention to this presence.

2. Talk to the Imam (as)
To meet the Imam you don’t have to see him with your eyes. He is there, he hears your words, observes your attendance, and he watches you. Talk to him. This is a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is a meeting in this manner.

3. Greet him
When one meets a person, he or she greets them. This is also required when meeting the purified souls of the Imams (pbut) as well as those close to God. One should go to them; greet them and convey his respect and admiration for them.

4. Speak to them in any language
A visit can be done in any language. If we talk in our own simple language, the etiquette observed while meeting and visiting a person have been realized.

5. Recite the Ziarats (pilgrimage supplications) of the Imams.
If we wish to talk to the Imams (pbut) eloquently and with noble intentions, we should recite the available Ziarats: like that of Ziarat of Imam Ridha (as), Ziarat Amin-Allah or Ziarat Jami’ah.

6. Speak from the bottom of your heart
Communicate from within your heart. Try to free your heart from any other concern, even if for two minutes or five minutes. Establish a connection with the spirituality that fills the shrine and then speak to the Imam.

7. Recite the Ziarat Jami’ah Kabira
The Ziarat Jami’ah Kabira is–for instance—six or seven pages, if you have the times read through it and if not, recite only a page or half a page of it.

8. When doing Ziarat, remember the one you’re addressing
When you are reciting the Ziarat, even if you do not know the meaning of it, remember who you are addressing the Ziarat to. If you accomplish that, then this is a true pilgrimage.

9. Establish a connection between your own heart and that of the Imam(as)
Some people think they have to stick to the Zarih! Because they cannot establish a connection within their heart, they want to connect their bodies to the shrine. What's the use? On the contrary, there are people who might be far, but their hearts are connected; this is good.

10. Perform prayer in the shrine; remember God
Pray in the shrine, perform Salat qadha (missed prayers), perform obligatory salat (prayer), perform recommended prayers, and pray for you parents. Say dhikr, "La ilaha illalah"--there is no other god, besides God--the tasbihat arba’a—provided that the heart is connected.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Imam Hossain


🌹Name: Al-Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) Mother: Fatimah Az-Zahra (A.S.), the daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Kunniyat (Patronymic): Abu 'Abdillah.

Laqab (Title): Al Sibt, Shahid-e-Karbala.

Birth: He was born in Medina at the month of Shaban in 4th of A.H.

Martyrdom: He was martyred with his companions by the army of Yazid in the month of Muharram 61 A.H. His shrine is in Karbala, a city in Iraq.

🌹His Birth:
Imam Hussain (A.S.) was born on the 3rd of Sha'ban, in 4th year of Hijrah in Medina. When the Prophet (PBUH) heard the news of Imam Hussain's birth, became very happy and came to the house of Fatima (A.S.).
Asma, the maidservant of Fatima covered the child in a white cloth and brought him to the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) picked the child up in his lap and recited the Azaan in his right ear and iqamah in the left one. As if, apparently, he (PBUH) made him familiar and acquainted with the name of Allah for the first time.
On the seventh day of his birth, an angel was sent down and told the Prophet(PBUH) : "Just as Haroon was a brother, sympathizer, and helper in each and every difficulties of Moses (PBUH) Ali (A.S.) is your sympathizer, helper and brother in each and every difficulties that you might have. Therefore, put the name of this baby as the name of Haroon's son "Shabeer," which is called in Arabic as 'Hussain'. Thus the name of the second child of Fatima (A.S.) was also selected by God.

🌹His Life

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


Imam Zaman (AJ) will be introduced by Imam Hoseyn's (A.S.) medium ,after his Arrival. So by that time Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) must be known by people from all criteria and walking in Arbaen is the best opportunity for this purpos. There is 1373 years which has passed from the time when first traveller ,Jaberibne Abdollahe Ansari visited the holey shrine of Aba Abdollah Alhoseyn (A.S.) in Arbaen from Aedina to Karbala.All these years many religious authoritis cared about visiting his holy shrine in Arbaen and were bare footed walking to Karbala from glorious Najaf ,no doubt  that Jaber ibne Abdollah is the first walker to holy Karbal in Arbaen at 61 year of Hijrah and  this nice ritual was done by purified leaders (A) in their time despit of blood sheding arrogant of Omavi and  Abasi  governers .

Walking in Arbaen tradition exist on Sheykh Ansari's time but who revived that after him?

There are some traditions that visiting Karbala with bare foot was common by the time of Sheykh Ansari (died in 1282 lunar) but some times it was forgotten and  was revived by "Sheykh Mirza Hasane Noori"This high ranking man measured to walk in Arbaen from Najaf to Karbala for the first time in Ghorban eve. And it took 3 days acompanying with 30 people of his folks and  friends.

After that "Mohadese Noori" decided to repeat that every year .About year 1319 was his last bare foot walking to Imam Hoseyn's (A.S.) holy shrine. The benefit of this action according to Imam Sadegh (A.S.) :

You might ask why this walking was strongly emphasised and  should be done with special enthusiasm and  excitment? According to Imam Sadegh(A.S.)  saying that approves the secret  aspects of this action ,one who walks bare footed to visit Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) God will gift him for each step and  clears one of his sins and  high ranks him ,2 angels will judge him to write what  he says and  erase his mistakes and evils, farewell him after his coming back and tell him : Oh,  you the guardian from God ! your sins were deleted , you are a member of God's ,his prophet and  his family's party now .swear to God ! You would never be in fire and  burn . (Kamelo ziyarat p 134)

Supreme leader's opinion :

Hazrate Ayatolah Khamenie,  the great leader points to the importance of honoring Arbaen day in Farvardin the 1th 1385:

"The start of Hoseyni's magnetic attraction is on Arbaen's day ,it takes Jaber Ibne Abdolah from Medina to Karbala .This is the same magnetic that stayed in our heart after many years .

Ayatolah Bahjat opinion :

He says :In traditions has said  that when Imam Mahdi(AJ)  arrives ,would call 5 tips to all people in the world :الا یا اهل العالم ان جدی الحسین قتلوه عطشانا ،الا یا اهل العالم ان جدی الحسین سحقوه عدوانا ،Imam Mahdi(AJ)  introduces himself by Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) to the all people around the world should know him but now there are many people still don't know him and  it's our fault ,because we didn't shout correctly to the world so they didn't hear it .walking in Arbaeen is the best time to introduce him to the world .Despit there was a time that visiting his holy shrine  was difficult ,their life were in danger but people were accepting all these dangers and  were going to kiss his foot by Arbaen.

Ten year of Hoseyni's excitments  of Iraqis/ Arbaen the biggest Shia's reunion in the world.

Surveys showed that autharities and  leader's  walking was continued up to the Sadam's time ,but the time he became Iraqi's president in 1358 (1400 lunar) and  his collapse  in 1381 (1424 lunar) glourios mourning and  walking in groups were stopped although there are some news of hidden walking during his presidency that s. Times led to martyrdom by Basi's army but Iraqis have proved their love another time to the world during 10 years of his collapse ,to perform this great ceremony with other Shias  and  fellows from Iran, Lebenan ,Pakistan, India, Qatar ,Emarat, Kuweit,  and Bahreyn. ....

The culture of Ashora :

The kind of uprisings and revolutions which are in the way of human excellence, aren't restricted to the time and meaningless about defeating. The ray of uprising of Imam Hussain(A.S.), against it's exterior failure at the month of Moharram in 61 ah, spread all of world. And from the tomorrow of Ashora, the sound of Ashoraian people rocked the palace of cruelty.

One of the calls that arised from the larynx of Imam Khomeini after 14 centuries, was the call of justice of Iranians at 15 of the month of Khordad in 1342, finally lead to the victory of Islamic revolution of Iran at the month of Bahman in 1357.

The morning ceremony:

The funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.), in addition to keeping alive the named of martyrs of Karbala, lead to resuscitation of the culture of Ashora among these 14 centuries, and also more correlation and uprising of Shias.(the fact insisted by Western researchers.)

Nickerson said: "The tragedy  of Karbala lead to regret of Omavis, because it made Shias more united and became united for revengeing and reflected their call in everywhere specially Uraque and Iran."

Nike Azady write about the affect of funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.) on Imam Khomeini's uprising:"the mourning ceremonies changed to the political Tribune for expression of social corruption and injustice and the necessity of uprising against the government."

Imam Khomeini said: “You should know that if you want to preserve your uprising,  you should preserve this tradition(funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.) "

Resuscitation of spirit of martyrdom:

In the culture of Shia, martyrdom means immortality and the best way to get close  to God. This is a gift from Imam Hussain(A.S.) and from his blood  given to Shia, which taught the everlasting to human beings.  And because of resuscitation of spirit of martyrdom by Imam Khomeini's speeches and statements, Iranians became brave and fought against injustice until the victory of this revolution.

Introduction of void and disgracing feudist:

One of the cultural effects of the Ashora uprising was the introduction of void and disgracing feudist. As the same of Ashora which cleared the real face of Moavia's government for people, Imam Khomeini's speeches revealed the ugly face of the government of the kingdom. In fact the uprising of Ashora presented the light of guidance to Imam Khomeini to be able to know about Islam and rescue from incompetents.

Slogan and Commination:

In the Holly Quran it is expressed that: "No doubt! The curse of Allah is on the Zalimun(the oppressors)"

In many of Ziarats, specially Ziarat Ashora of Imam Hussain(A.S.), commination of ruthless means hatred of them, whom stand against the right.

Imam Khomeini:"The commination of ruthless about Ahlolbeyt is the all of our strong people's call ."against ruthless governors forever.”


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Imam Hossain(A.S.) martyrdom awaken up Islamic groups from a very long and deep sleep

 Horibne Yazide Riyahi was the one who had  an special character in a high position as a commander in chief and  became aware about Imam Hossain(A.S.) before his martyrdom ,also Yeydibn Gheyth  is another character who has Osmany style but was influenced by Imam's guidance  and  became one of his high rank martyr soldiers in Karbala. There were also many people who stayed away from Omare saad's troops and didn't involve the war with Imam (A.S.) but public awareness of Moslems after his martyrdom is important and  they found guts and  power to have insurrection against the despot. The important role of karbala's messenger should't be ignored in this alertness.

If Hazrete Zenab speech didn't happened in Sham trip , there was no memory of the martyrs king.

Not only his name was forgotten but also the worthy Islamic school was denied.

Another  poetry says:

Karbala's event was compeletly destroyd if Zeynab (s) wasn't there ,

The secrete of it stayed hidden for ever if she wasn't there...

In fact it was the smart manegment of Imam (A.S.) who took his family and had enough attention to Imam Sajad and Zeynab's (s) role .

It was their hot lectures  that ruined Bany Omaye's dynasty and  no one can find their generation so far.

Another sign of people's awareness of corruption in government was changing position in Yzid after lmam sajad (A.S.) preach in Sham.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


O Arbain Ambassadors:

Now is the time to circulate the leader’s message with the aim of elaborating Islam through using original references specially Quran. This is an easy way for benefiting more from Quran. We all have to be at the scene and make webs in the country and wherever we live to explain and elaborate Islam and the mission of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Insha-Allah with the following motto: O the youth in the world who are searching for truth, ask your questions from Quran and get the complete and comprehend answers from this holy book.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

His Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam are the best virtues

One shudders at the horrors of human deprivation. The world is poised at a precipice, facing dangers of dystopian proportions. As a student of literature, I hardly knew that H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” was soon going to be the reality of my country. A bunch of self-appointed Takfiris would launch targeted killings, bomb blasts, persecution of minorities and a new low along the downward spiral of depravity was achieved with the shooting down of innocent children at school. Today they burn human beings to a frazzle and mutilate human bodies on the spur of a whim. The regularity with which such grisly episodes occur has sapped humanity of the milk of genuine human kindness. The alarming frequency with which we are exposed to terror, works in the direction of sensitizing one to the absurd length of apathy. Hence they would go about burning a Christian couple, or manhandling the blind before a thronging crowd of onlookers. Feeble responses which hardly border on protest are furnished in return. We inhale tragedies, we consume the blood and bodies of our fellow men as fodder to chatter in public meetings and remind our conscience that we have been exonerated of our burden of responsibility. At times, it appears almost probable that the world is approaching the ‘end of time’ phenomenon at a horribly brisk pace. It seems that the sentient beings suffer a deep seated sense of melancholy. The world does not promise much when you see the likes of Boko Haram, IS insurgency and growing Talibanization posing a threat to the very existence of human values; and all of these under the pretension of Islam. I wonder for how long would our write ups be a complete riposte to the heinous propaganda done in the very name of Islam. For how many times, we would plead the world to separate Islam from its distorted and bigoted enactments. Would we live long enough to witness Islam as the torchbearer of finest human values which it is in reality? Quran is the complete code of life. It aptly says in Sura Anfaal, in the eighth Verse,” O you who believe! Answer (the call of) Allah and the Messenger when He calls you to that which gives you life”. Allah and His unequalled Beloved Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam call one to ‘life’ and all that which reinforces the constructive values of life. Then how come a group of people revels in killing spree, with indiscriminate bloodshed as its manifesto. The Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam has been deemed by the incontestable Quran as “Mercy for all the worlds” in Chapter 21 and verse 107 of the Quraan. More so, Sura e Ahzab lays in the 21st Verse”, “There is for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for anyone whose hope is in Allah and [who] remembers Allah often.” Those who kill children are barbarians. Those kill anyone for that matter, are no less. Neither they exhibit mercy nor are they examples befitting a civilized life. Two years back a blasphemous movie was launched as an ugly revile against the infallible Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallsam. It was a condemnable act, not only because it was downright sacrilegious, but most importantly because it was a conniving fabrication and a complete breach of truth. The world must have the scruples to objectively read through the annals of history. In doing so, humanity will be left with no option but to venerate the paragon of best human values that the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam is synonymous with. On the other hand there is a striking analogy which exists between the images of characters in such movies or literature, and the real life terrorists who play havoc with the world in the name of Islam. ‘Daesh’, for example is a case in point. The self-proclaimed IS beheaded 150 women on refusing to act as concubines or to enter prostitution legitimized by their instant proclamation of ‘Allah u Akbar’. They kill, and blurt out Allah u Akbar; molest women from the minority communities such as the Christians of the Yazdi ethnic minority in Iraq and iterate the same. It is a forceful yoking together of two inherently opposed phenomena. Our allegiance to the God Almighty results in the preservation of human values and not corruption. When the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam was asked the objective of His duty as a Prophet, He Stated that it was to impart Makaramul Akhlaque, that is, the ‘honourable virtues’ whereby to conduct one’s life. Also ta’leem’ and ta’lum (teaching and being taught) have been stipulated as the main goals of Islam in the Hadeeth literature.

The echelon of the Holy Prophet Salallah O Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam as the Final Prophet is indicative of the fact that the entire legacy of prophethood preceding the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam culminated in Islam. Islam is the epitome of the best human values. The barbarity which engulfed society before the advent of Islam was turned into a society based on compassion and brotherhood known as muakhwat by the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam. The crimes committed in the name of Islam today are reminiscent of those committed before Islam. So how can callous, brutal and heartless men call themselves custodian of Islam when their acts are analogous to anything but Islam. The world must wake up to the horrors of ravages meted out by the so called Maulvis and their ideological off shoots. Blasphemy is scorn poured onto sacred objects. Is there anything more sacred than human life itself? What is greater blasphemy than dishonouring women or disgracing humanity? Is there a greater blasphemy than challenging the divine writ, and taking the control of life and death in ones hand? Yes, you would see these oppressors as womanizers, child molesters, killers, abductors and name the worst, and you see them as the practitioners of all social ills with inhuman alacrity. Sacrilegious attempts against Islam call for a thorough investigation. We must look within before leveling accusations outside. Islam is in the spot light today not because of Edhi, or any humanitarian value, but because of IS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, Al Nusra, Boko Haram and Talibans. They do not represent the true Islam, but as religion has always been an easy prey, or a cog in the mercenary apparatus, so it is in this case. Their flint like egos do not let them condemn the atrocities against humanity, not even the attack at innocent children even by word of mouth. The apologists must face this rude awakening that this is the obscene length to which their good/bad Taliban have fallen to. They are the cause of all blasphemous literature being churned out against Islam. The result is a striking resemblance between the characters in blasphemous movies or literature and these live perpetrators of crimes against humanity. After all such characters are fashioned along the personalities of militants, and do not reflect a practising Muslim. So if the west produces invective against Islam, it is due to the crimes of such megalomaniac elements who abuse the name of religion to enter the top notch in the power matrix. You will not hear them chant slogans against injustice, illiteracy, corruption, inhumanity. Conversely they kill teachers, academics, doctors and social activists in cold blood. I wonder why the IS or the like have never fought an oppressor. Never have they spoken a word against Israel, and their targets remain the innocent people. Hazrat Ali Alaihis Salam states that there are three categories of worshippers. A category worships God, in anticipation of Jannah. This is the worship of the ‘traders’. Another category of worshippers, worships God out of fear for hell. This is the worship of the slaves. The third category of worshippers bows before God Almighty, considering Him the only divine entity who commands total submission. This is the worship of the free men. Scholars have pointed out that it is this third group whose selfless submission to Allah will earn them rewards promised to the pious, although they did not conduct their good deeds out of avarice for Jannah. Now imagine a group of people who have been brainwashed and drained of their human virtues, conditioned into killing people, in the hope of earning Hoor in paradise. One might be shocked to see that the makers of these terrorists, galvanize the young, impressionable lads to action by infusing in them unbridled lust for a promised woman in the hereafter. Their incentive to suicide bombing is sensual pleasure. One must fear the makers of these hate mongers more than anyone for they are a ‘constant’, who live and those who die are the numberless suicide bombers killed at the altar of their Machiavellian rapacity. Thus what Nizam e Mustafa can they bring out, when are not even remotely practising it? The Sura Al Ma’idah, the 5th chapter of the Holy Quraan states in verse no15: “ O people of the Scripture…There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book”. This verse highlights the status of the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam as Light. He is An-Noor, who spreads His guidance to the entire world. Light is also a metaphor for knowledge which exists in contradistinction to ignorance. It has been deeply stressed that allegiance to the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam is in reality allegiance to Allah as the chapter 48 ( Al Fath), and the tenth Verse, vouchsafes this message. “Indeed those who pledge allegiance to you, [O Muhammad] they actually pledge allegiance to Allah.” More so, it has been deemed that, if one wants to gain the love of Allah, one must follow the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam, as stated in Sura Aali Imran, verse no 31: “Say, [O Muhammad] If you should love Allah, then follow me [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. In the light of these Quranic verses, one can see how important it is to follow the example of the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam. His comportment is the best exemplar to follow, for when one sees Him before the ascendency of Islam in Makkah, or in Sheb e Abi Talib where He suffered social boycott and later as the Head of the State in Medina or as a Victor after the conquest of Makkah, one does not witness any transition in His blessed mannerism. His virtues remained humility, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, forgiveness and forbearance which he displayed in reiterating the Quranic Verse that Prophet Yusuf uttered while forgiving his brothers, that “This day let no reproach be cast on you: Allah will forgive you and He is the Most Merciful of those who mercy” (Yusuf, 12/92). On the occasion of 12th Rabiul Awwal, I pray that the world awakens to the loftiness of the human values instructed by the Rehmat al lil Alameen; Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam (Mercy for all the Worlds) and seeks the light of inspiration to see truth apart from fallacy. May this 12th Rabiul Awwal mark the birth of glorious human virtues which are attributed to the world’s best role Model, that is, the Holy Prophet Salallah o Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam so that the world is a better place to live. This can be best achieved by practising the golden rule of Ruhamaau bainahum , stated in Sura Al-Fath, 48:29, that is, those who are with the Messenger of Allah are ‘merciful among themselves’ and propagate it as the theme of this year, of the years to come and for our entire lifetime!

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Getting Close to Allah In Becoming Similar to Imam Mahdi(A.S)

(through the grace of Fetr Eid prayer) 

Lord You ordered us to fast by the fast of Imam Mahdi(A.S.), to worship by his worship, and to be awake and put the Holy Quran over our head at Qhadr night by his awakening and revealing Quran to his heart, so that we get similar to him at this holy feast(Ramadan). And at the Fetr Eid prayer in so many times at Qonuot(taking up our hands ask for something from Allah), you granted us the opportunity to ask you to becoming similar to Imam Mahdi(A.S.): - As they (Prophet Mohammad and his ahlol-bait PBUH) asked you the best you entered them at the best - And as they took refuge to you from all the evil you took them out of all the evil. The secret of all those graces is asking from Allah with cognition.

So, we ask you too, to enter us to the best through all the best they asked you to get entered in. and we take refuge to get us out of all the evil they took refuge from them and you got them out of it. Even at the end of Allah’s Feast, you gave us the grace of taking off our hearth from the beach of our selfishness and to Passover to the sea of the hearth of Imam Mahdi(A.S.) which all is Allah’s Names(Allah’s signs), and you finally fulfilled us (by our paying attention to Allah’s Names, so that we perhaps get close to you and reach your Lega(visage), inshallah.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

The Myth of a Sectarian War in Iraq:

When the world has been glued to the TV screens following the nimble movements of football players, the ISIS drama has unfolded in the most bizarre fashion. Clad in back, sporting black flags, the hoodlums are out on their wily ways. Iraq has been in the grip of political turmoil once again. The current socio-ethnic and geo-political mayhem surrounding Iraq cannot be treated in isolation with the rest of the Arab world. Iraq turns out to be the microcosm of the larger Arab world, in which it is pitted against the backdrop of multifarious challenges. The glorious ‘Arab Spring’ has given in to the very antithesis that it rose against, as seen in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen. Egypt finds itself in the clutches of military once again, maltreating journalists and grappling with scandals of women rights violation. Libya is torn in Benghazi and so is Yemen. The Boko Haram hysteria resounds in Muslim North Africa and does not auger well. Recently Iraq has become the seedbed of conflicts, cut down in size by being dubbed as a host to ‘sectarian war’. Consider Syria where ISIS was allowed to incubate, only to evolve into an invincible bedrock of evil, for the US chose to see their lot as ‘freedom-fighters-turned- rebels’. Hence the vast swathes of border crossings into Syria, that the ISIS has come to occupy, allow it unflinching patronage. The gap never comes, as their losses in Iraq are duly recompensed with the help of supplies from the safe houses they harbour in Lebanon and Syria. More so, the ISIS or ISIL, wherein ‘Levant’ stands for Lebanon, refers to their countless go downs in Lebanon’s Ersal, once a frontier town now bearing semblance of a Salafist enclave. The world seems obsessed with the ‘sectarian war’ mantra fed by the US. As passive listeners, we are comfortable with mindlessly regurgitating the US stance. It is strange that the ISIS in Iraq is tantamount to Sunni versus Shia strife, whereas the same clan, whether functioning under the appellation of TTP in Pakistan or Boko Haram elsewhere, likewise targets the state and challenges the writ of a democratic government and yet falls short of being labeled as ‘Sunni’. While Pakistan actually suffers from rigid sectarianism, the TTP has never been dubbed as ‘Sunni’ militant outfit. Hence the US is careful to inject this tirade at this critical juncture for the eon-old fight for ‘oil’ continues and not only Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq is under the ISIS, also, the towns dotted with untapped oil reserves have also fallen under the boots of the ISIS. Hence the US would not mind toppling a democratically elected government in Iraq calling it ‘Shiite’. The US also considers forging close relations with non-state actors at this point in time, as US Secretary of State John Kerry invited the President of the Kurdish region to help resolve the current conflict in Iraq during an unannounced visit to Arbil. One wonders if the US will play a similar farce in overthrowing a much awaited democracy in Afghanistan. Ask the most esteemed Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ayatullah Sistani and he says that his followers are not fighting a sectarian war, but fighting to safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq comprising Sunnis, Kurds and Shiites. Ayatullah Khamenei lays that the Iraq war is not a sectarian war but marked with typical (Machiavellian), ‘hegemonic’ pursuits. President Rouhani has remarked that though Iran would not hesitate in offering support to Iraq in guarding the holy shrines, yet this is a task that Iraq is capable of accomplishing itself. Osama al Nujaifi, a former speaker and most outstanding of the Sunni leaders denounces a third term for Maliki. Dhiaa al-Assadi a senior leader of Ahrar, a party associated with Moktada Al Sadr, the prominent Shiite cleric is positive that they can remove Maliki through constitutional means, so why the need for insurgency in which civilians are a hard hit. Constitutional means stipulate that democracy is not to be derailed. Some thinkers have gone to the absurd length of justifying the brutalities of Sadam under the ruse that he was ‘secular’! Hence the result is a bonding of the former Baathists and the ISIS. Baathists have a ‘secular outlook’ who espouse communist ideals and their alliance with ISIS is but a marriage of convenience. There are hundreds of thousands of Sunnis who denounce the barbarity of ISIS and have recently voted Maliki in. OIC and the Arab league remain conspicuous by their absence in the resolution of conflict in Iraq. Ironically the Muslim-Arab world has remained divided, in instances favouring the US and toeing its line. The rich oil producing countries seek their respective megalomaniac pursuits. The US in its recipe of success in Iraq is set to prepare grounds for a ‘unity government’ where unity implies subverting the democratic order. Instead of respecting the popular vote, the US finds it convenient to gather new friends, as Maliki does not serve its purpose anymore. Thus no matter how much the US reiterate that it is not its job to pick up candidates for Iraq’s premiership, it does not hesitate in holding meetings in search of an agreeable candidate. As a result there are a number of Iraqi leaders who have been anticipating their place in the top government circles. The possible candidates could be Ahmad Chalabi, Bayan Jaber and Adel Abdul Mahdi. These like Maliki are Shiites and include a fair share of seats in the parliament. This political manouevering began as a result of US press conference on 19th June in Washington, promsing 300 military advisers to Iraq. Given the most advanced technology borne by the US, is it a difficult feat for the US to help Iraq eliminate these elements altogether? Hence call it sectarian warfare or what; it all bogs down to cosmetic verbosity. We still dwell in the aftermath of the Soviet disintegration. The forceful juxtaposition of self-proclaimed Islamists and the US was not about the disintegration of the USSR. The militants who could not earn a space after this war, turned into terrorists on home ground. These were neither Shia nor Sunni as is the case today. There are scores of militants hailing from Europe who do not adhere to any Islamic sect. The fact of the matter is, these ‘takfeeri’ militants do not have any religion. Religion only lends a personable appearance to their nefarious deeds and allows them a gateway to the hearts of the “fools’ multitude” in Shakespearian parlance. No Sunni, or for that matter no religion sanctifies, genocide, vandalism, rape, abduction and demolition of sacred shrines. No Sunni can sanction massacre and sacrilege. Their furtive motives unravel plans to destroy and desecrate shrines in Iraq, revered by Muslims in totality. Had they been really devout Muslims, they would deem Israel as their target and not Muslims. The most blatant devastation of the Mausoleums of the Holy Prophet Salallahu Alaihi Wa Aalihi Wasallam’s companions in Raqqa and destruction of Khalid bin Waleed Mosque in Damascus is condemned by all denominations of Islam. Having occupied various border crossings into Syria and Jordan, as well as areas adjoining Saudi Arabia, ISIS is rapacious for ‘recognition’ as an independent territory. Being the recipient of unconditional help from Saudi Arabia, they look up to diplomatic recognition exploiting the strained ties which remain between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, due to Iran’s influence on the region. Calling it sectarian is also a careful move to tip the balance against the favour of Iran in the region. The congenial ties between Iran and Iraq after the ouster of Saddam do not bode well for the US. Maliki’s recent turning down of US aid in the shape of troops is also a further reinforcement of this point. However the airstrikes and drone attacks against the ISIS were called for, which till the writing of this article did not materialize. Obama has reduced the help to mere ‘intelligence gathering’ and advisory role of the 300 military advisors. Iraq, unlike Afghanistan does not pose terrestrial challenges, as it is not a landlocked state. The war is being waged in the vast desert plains and elimination of the terrorists is not difficult.

The broken Al Qaeda offshoot has emerged as the wealthiest and strongest of all the existing terrorist outfits. Having ransacked the Iraq Central bank in Mosul, and numerous others elsewhere along the length and breadth of Iraq’s West, ISIS has more than $400 million to its credit. Not only has it reopened many of the banks it looted to bring life back to normalcy in areas under its control, it is feared that it also has the capacity to start ‘paying’ salaries to the employees. This might rally them supporters from the otherwise disenchanted citizens. However comparing their track record of human crimes in Syria, it seems that restoring order is not part of their agenda. Tech-savvy, ISIS militants are conversant with the modern means of extortion. Different cell phone apps are employed as an advertising gimmick to extort money with embedded taxes. In Raqqa, the ISIS not only ended up plundering and looting, but also took over the eastern Syrian oil fields. This fueled not only the militant’s own consumption of oil but also made it imperative for the locals to purchase from them at jacked up prices. Their revenue base has increased with growing number of occupied territories in Iraq, where the new taxable community is the Christian. Having occupied Mosul, Tikrit and other regions along the border, they harbour grand megalomaniac ideals. The Governor of Ninevah province Atheel Al Nujaifi stated that the insurgents ceased an amount sufficient enough to occupy other countries. The ISIS insurgents have allegedly also emptied the vaults in other banks. The fight at Iraq’s biggest oil refinery Baiji, strategically located between Baghdad and Mosul has been an apple of discord. The fight in Iraq has always been lured by mercenary ends. Why is that the same ISIS in Syria is not seen as a potential threat but once Iraq has hit the headlines with the seething turmoil, it has rattled the US. Stephen R.Kappes, the former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington elucidates ‘it’s a problem that we haven’t seen since the towers went down on 9/11.’ Is it really that big a problem for the US, or are the oil reserves? Our collective memories still resound with the WMD rant, never to be found in Iraq. ISIS has grand ambitions of charting a territory out of the fractious Iraq, where the Kurds have already arisen as an autonomous region, duly recognized by Turkey. The Kurds in Iraq have increased their hold in the northeast including oil rich city Kirkuk whereas the Sunnis have entrenched a strong hold in the west. US would make sure that it has ally in the region that it can fall back on, hence practically no military support to counter ISIS has been provided, rather than churning high-sounding diplomatic jargon redolent with ‘concern’ for suffering humanity. Turkey however has forged close alliance with the autnomous Kurdish region in Iraq. The Iraqi city Mosul captured on June 10, sent shock waves across the world. News is that 100 Turkish citizens have been detained including babies and women, thanks to the influx of militants to Syria via Turkey. Turkey’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu is famous for his departure from the conservative policies with regards to the Kurd. His ‘zero problems’ vision has brought Turkey closer to the Kurdish region than Iraq. Now a 50- year deal with Iraqi Kurdistan to export oil through a pipeline running in Turkey is another viable reason.

Thus Turkey has recognized the autonomous Kurd region and acknowledges it as a strategic partner, though not paying heed to the disgruntled Kurd in Turkey. The collective memory of the global community could be regarded short-lived but is it a bygone that the stage is set in Qatar. The political actors include stalwarts from AL Qaeda and the US to ‘negotiate’. Enemies of humanity are not negotiated with, for negotiations happen on an equal footing. Yet the US engaged the anti-state elements disguised as Al-Qaeda as has been the wont with the US to destabilize order. Thus the world is poised at the crossroads leading to dystopia in which the US is only grinding its own axe.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

A desirable Islam for the Zionists:

You have certainly heard the name of the terrorist group of “ISIS” (DAESH) these days. ISIS is the abbreviation of the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria , who are claiming to establish a government that is supposed to be an Islamic government of the region of Iraq and Syria. But truly the group is a section of the terrorist groups of the region such as Alqaedeh which are encouraged and equipped by USA, England, and Israel. The aim of the terrorist group of ISIS is the same as the Zionists of the region to weaken the real Islam front and also creating instability and insecurity in the countries at the resistance line, which means providing the benefits of U.S.A. and Isreal at West. The financial providence of this unbeliever group is not afforded through the intellectual services of the West, but also it is afforded through Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, ….The story of ISIS started from the occupation of Iraq and reached the instability of Syria so they could not get such a great victories through the resistance of the government and the nation of Syria. After the great election of Iraq and re-election of Nori Al-Maleki Shia’s government by the people of Iraq, the terrorist group of ISIS occupied cities by using the internal disagreements in some provinces of Iraq and they are getting released one by one now because of the awareness of Shia and Sunnis’ scholars and by the army of Iraq. The members of this terrorist group are from different nationalities that are united with the remains of members of Bath Party and the supporters of Saddam. Both the Shia and Sunnis’ scholars know this group as misguided. We can point to some of their misguidance such as their killing of innocent people, raping girls and women and their marriage jihad, and ….. Inshallah, through Allah’s Mercy , the special approach of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) , and the awareness of the scholars and the people of the region this group of unbelievers would reach a destiny such as of Saddam, Qazafi, Ben Laden, and the cursed Shah. Inshallah we soon reach the Arrival of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Martyrdom in Quran and Hadithes:

A look at the truth of martyrdom Martyrdom means mortality of human being to achieve the source of light and to approach the absolute being. Martyrdom is the love of joining beloved in the most beautiful way. martyrdom is a death by being killed in which the martyr consciously chooses it for the sake of a holy end and as Quran called ( فی سبیل اللهFor God's Sake) and as Prophet(PBUH) said this kind of death is the best and the most honorable one. (اشرف الموت قتل الشهاده)and Amir-al- Momenin imam Ali(A.S.) considers it as the most respectable death (اکرم الموت القتل). Martyr (Shahid) is defined as witness and it is known as the one who is placed in the way of martyrdom and is killed for God's sake. Martyrdom is not a kind of death but a description of reasonable life. Therefore the martyr is alive for ever. وَلاَ تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِینَ قُتِلُواْ فِی سَبِیلِ اللّهِ أَمْوَاتًا بَلْ أَحْیاء عِندَ رَبِّهِمْ یرْزَقُونَ "Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their lord they have provision." Martyr is alive for ever and his death is actually a transfer from current life in the nature to its behind-the-scenes life. و لا تقولوا لمن یقتل فی سبیل الله اموات بل احیاء و لکن لا تشعرون There are around 10 verses in Holy Quran which are obviously about the ones who are killed for God's sake. Different subjects covered in these verses includes the aliveness of martyrs, aliment of Martyrs, forgiveness of sins by martyrs, no spoiling of martyr's actions, happiness of martyrs, entrance to divine mercy, and salvation of martyrs. A great number of Hadiths are quoted by Infallible Imams in expression of sublime position and degree of martyrs , the virtue of martyrdom and the reward of it.

We cease this article with a translation of one of Prophet's Hadith: The Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) said that: When the fighters aim at taking part In the war , God guarantees their immunity from the fire of hell and as they get ready for the war, the angels will be proud of them. While they say farewell to their families, fishes and houses weep for them. They will be forgived of their sins as the snakes molt. Almighty God appoints four thousand angels to protect them from front and back. Whatever virtue they do, will be doubled. For each day of their presence in the field of war is the reward equal to the prayer of thousand devouts. No one is able to perceive the reward of their confrontation with enemies and as they stand to fight and shoot, the angels spread wing on their head and pray for their victory and consistency. On the moment of injuries, heavenly spouse and divinve mercies will descend for him. Good for pure souls, which come out of pure bodies. Congratulations to you for the sake of munificences and mercies which are seen by no eyes and are heard by no air and are impinged on no hearts. (Kashf-ol-Asrar – va- Oddat-ol-Abrar, Vol. 2nd. Pages 248 ,249)

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi