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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

✅Getting Close to Allah In Becoming Similar to Imam Mahdi(A.S)
(through the grace of Fetr Eid prayer)

Lord You ordered us to fast by the fast of Imam Mahdi(A.S.), to worship by his worship, and to be awake and put the Holy Quran over our head at Qhadr night by his awakening and revealing Quran to his heart, so that we get similar to him at this holy feast(Ramadan). And at the Fetr Eid prayer in so many times at Qonuot(taking up our hands ask for something from Allah), you granted us the opportunity to ask you to becoming similar to Imam Mahdi(A.S.): - As they (Prophet Mohammad and his ahlol-bait PBUH) asked you the best you entered them at the best - And as they took refuge to you from all the evil you took them out of all the evil. The secret of all those graces is asking from Allah with cognition.

So, we ask you too, to enter us to the best through all the best they asked you to get entered in. and we take refuge to get us out of all the evil they took refuge from them and you got them out of it. Even at the end of Allah’s Feast, you gave us the grace of taking off our hearth from the beach of our selfishness and to Passover to the sea of the hearth of Imam Mahdi(A.S.) which all is Allah’s Names(Allah’s signs), and you finally fulfilled us (by our paying attention to Allah’s Names, so that we perhaps get close to you and reach your Lega(visage), inshallah.


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)

?In the name of Allah

 Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih
(the Authority of the Jurist)


? The questions about Velayat Faqih:

?What kind of  qualifications  should  a Jurisprudent have in order to be the  leader  of  an Islamic society,?

In previous parts, we mentioned 2 conditions:
?*Absolute divine law and ?**Absolute Justice:

And the third condition is:
?***Leader's intelligence and management's power.

It means the  true political and social insight, prudence, courage, management and enough power for leadership.
So in addition with absolute prudence and being knowledgable, he should be qualified to order in different theology's chapters and also be justice and pious for Islamic nation's leadership.

The main conditions of a jurisprudent  are being talented and able to lead a country and control the high level qualified officials. It means:

??First, he should have true and right insight to political and social affairs inside and outside of  the country and recognizes enemy's policy.
??Second: He should have management's art because it needs theory and enthusiasm to control and he should have the art of wisdom.

??So we can't say  that every just  jurisprudent  is qualified to lead a society but in addition of having scientific conditions, he should be talented and be able to control Islamic nations. (  Javadi Amoli Abdollah, jurisprudence and justice, p 139)

??Also to prove succession for prudences in many cases, shows that there is no difference between leader's various  authorities and posts in this way that all these posts are  jurisprudent's  obligations   in the occultation  era and infact the  preservation  of government and making discipline in nations is the most important issue and it makes qualified jurisprudents to  take part in this serious  duty.
(Owner of Javaher sheykh Mohamad Hasan Najafi)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


✅In the name of Allah


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)




❌ The questions about Velayat Faqih:


❓What kind of  qualifications  should  a Jurisprudent have in order to be the  leader  of  an Islamic society,?


✅**Absolute divine law:

A  jurisprudent  who governs over an Islamic system in  occultation  era and is Quran's  executive, preserver and announcer, should be aware of all its aspects. He should have a complete recognition of Islamic laws..

If some Islamic problems are not solved for him yet and can not have a deep concept of them, he is not  Muslim's  leader. That means he can not order nor can make others  to do them. (Javadi Amoli,  Velayat Fagih,  Velayat of Jurisprudene and  and Justice, p138)


Imam Ali(as)said:


ولا یحمل هذا العلم الا اهل البصر و الصبر و العلم بمواضع الحق

Nation's leadership's flag should be on some one's hand who has insight, enough ability and complete knowledge to the  truth and be able to separate it  from falsehood.

So one who is at the top  of power's pyramid , should have complete knowledge about Islamic laws because he is responsible to   perform divine laws in society.  Since  he might do something or order some laws which are opposed to Islam  if he is without  a complete knowledge of it, . It's obvious, that is a start of an astray way from the main road and an Islamic goal. (Mohamad Taghi Mesbahe Yazdi, B, Islamic government and  Velayet Faghih , p: 152)


✅**Absolute Justice:

A  jurisprudent  with a complete qualifications should have religion's knowledge in addition to do the right things in his life and in the Islamic society, It's necessary  for him, to do  his religious  duties and  prophecy to  the people whatever is about religion and not to hide anything from them.

A  just  jurisprudent   shouldn't do anything upon  his selfishness, shouldn't obey his  worldly desires and not  to do any sin, not to leave any necessities and not to do  falsehood.

Muslim's leader should have high ranking virtue and be free of all  selfish ambitions.


Imam Hussain (as) addresses Kufa's people  and writes about society's leader:

ما الامام الا الحاکم بالکتاب، القائم بالقسط، الذائن بدین الحق، الحابس نفسه، علی ذات الله.

(A leader isn't someone but whose   government  is  based on Quran,  establishes justic, believes   and behaves based  upon the  true  religion and devotes  himself to God's path.

(Islamic government and Velayat Faghih. P: 152_153)


If enough virtue doesn't exist, he might destroy  Islamic  values and Muslim's   interests  for the sake of  power. So an Islamic leader should have high ranking virtue and be free  from  selfishness.

***Next question: what is the third qualification?



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



❤️In the name of God The Compassionate the Merciful.

Salam Alikum:
✅Three days of Etekaf(seclusion) and three steps towards completion:

⭐️Third day of it:
We should think of  the 3rd question and its answer :  👉 "Why did I come(to this world)?"
To reach our  completion and to get close to  God (while passing this world's passions and allurings) after relative recognition of natural and spritual world and after realizing  our body and soul, we should think about our existence initial.

Who is this  me,  and what is its truth, which came to this conclusion that owns a body and  a soul.

💚The permission is only given to a real Mahdi's  Fatima's (aj) waiter, to find out about the truth.

💚A real waiter spends time devoting his heart sincerely and his deeds and his whole life for him by asking for repentence from God.

❤️Imam Mahdi(aj)  doesn't want only 313 companions but he wants 313  heads  with wisdom who are faithful and sincere.

At first, hey should  reach to their real existence to manage their own body and soul.

At the end, he would recognize The Great God and gets close to Him because  👉 "The one who recognizes himself, would know God."
من عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه

If any secluded person who aplogises God, in any place in this world, specially during these 3 days (in Rajab month) even if pays a pity attension to these 3 questions and answers, and try to have a real resorts to infallible Imams  specially to Fatima's Mahdi (aj) and prays for his  reappearance  alot insha'Alah, 👉his treatment and education  would start to accompany him.

Today we are going to find our lost person like Ome Davood by doing Ome Davood prayers. Insha'Allah.

Davood's mother came to Imam Sadegh (as) and complained from governers of time because they arrested her son and she was worried,  uncalm and helpless and asked for help.

He replied: fast for these 3 days and do these prayers to find your lost son.

She went but couldn't find her son at the first day. She was ordered to do that for the second day but there was no use. Then at third day,  she came to Imam Sadegh (as) restless and said that she was disappointed and she can't wait any more.

❤️Imam Sadegh (as) replied: Since  you are so worried now, do these prayers (which are known as Ome Davood prayers) be sure you would find your lost until tonight. And she found her son up to an evening like the 3rd day of Etekaf. Inshà'Allah we are going to find our lost person, Fatima's Mahdi (aj) with a real recognition and waiting, up to that  evening by praying Ome Davood to get close to  the world's savior(aj), too.
We specially mourn  for Lady Zeynab (s) at this day, too😭 and with a sister who was wondered  in Talle Zeynabiye for lmam Hossain (as)😭,  like a mother and we would better recours her with Ome Davood prayers like a mother who cried after her lost son and was restless, we would better mourn for Fatima's Mahdi (aj)  and be restless for him,  too. Insha'Allah.

We request you alot of prayers for his arrival
.🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



❤️In the name of God The Compassionate the Merciful.

Salam Alikum:
✅Three days of Etekaf(seclusion) and three steps towards completion:

👉At the second day of Etekaf, we should think about the  spiritual world, that God created us of 2 dimensions: body and soul.

We would understand the spiritual world by purifying our soul ( our wisdom,  heart, and  inner) through asking forgiveness from God (and the people as we can) and  doing good deeds.
We should get to the  answer to the  second question in the second day of Etekaf:  👉 Where am I from?
✅ My spiritual dimension is not from this world (material and natural world). My body is like a ship for my soul.
It's so important where I am taking my soul  with this body and  my deeds, because my body is like a ship for soul.

The people who are in Etekaf  and the people who accompany them with the Etekaf of their body,  want to aloof their soul too.
⭐️ Etekaf  means to wait for. A real waiter, is not calm.  A Moetakef(secluded)  is not relaxed and he waits for the flight of  his soul.

✅Mosque should be a place for his flIght . 👉 A spiritual flight  by soul.

❤️ A Moetakef(secluded)  and real waiter is not calm because of the reappearance of the  real unique Moetakef(secluded) of world, Imam Mahdi(aj).

Fatima's Mahdi (aj),  the Moetakef Imam has his Etekaf  in a mosque as big as all the world of men and angels. 👉الامام الجن و الانس

✅A  Moetakef from his nation  should understand the presence of  Fatima's Mahdi's (aj),  get connected to him by his soul and heart (specially in Etekaf' s second day, to understand his spiritual dimension) and becomes uncalm.

⭐️A real Moetakef and waiter should ask for him and become a mirror for that unique leader of this world, Imam Mahdi(aj),  insha'Allah. He should be uncalm and prays for his reappearance from the depth of his heart. Of course, all his nation should be such a way throughout the year, but it would flourish at the second day of Etekaf, Insha'Allah. 🌹
(To be continued)

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi




️In the name of God The Merciful The Compassionate.


Salam Alikum:

Three days of Etekaf(seclusion) and three steps towards completion:


During these 3 days, we should think of 3 questions and 3 answers (of course thinking with the concept of Fatima's Mahdi's (as) presence) and recoursing God and infallibles Imams(as) specially our dear Imam of age, Imam Mahdi(aj) insha'Allah.


There is a hadith that:  Thinking an hour is equal with 120 years of praying.


First question: Who am l? God's creature.


Second question: Where am I from? Combination of 2 dimensions; My body and my soul.


Third question: Why did I come to this world?  To reach  my completion (through  passing this world)


The first day of Etekaf, I should think about the  nature, God's creatures: And about  ourselves  as  God's  best creatures.(we should think about such things throughout our life, but specifically through the days of Etekaf) Insha'Allah

(To be continued)



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


#Etekaf: (Seclusion)

In the name of Allah The Merciful The Compassionate.
Salam Alikum:

💚Rajab month is God's month. God is waiting us to ask for him

🌹وإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قَرِيبٌ ۖ أُجِيبُ دَعْوَةَ الدَّاعِ إِذَا دَعَانِ ۖ فَلْيَسْتَجِيبُوا لِي وَلْيُؤْمِنُوا بِي لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْشُدُونَ (بقره: 186)

"While my servants  ask you about me, tell them I'm surely close to them. I answer them when they call me, so they should do what I ask them(to reach their goals for a better world and hereafter) and be faithful to me so that they may be guided."(Baghare 186)

*Seclusion means to wait for some-thing (stopping in mosque has the same meaning)

The people have lost God. To reach Him, we should wait for world's savior,  Fatima's Mahdi (aj). Real waiting causes purity and sincere heart of his expectants and that's how he can find out God's closeness and reach this concept.
(وَإِذَا سَأَلَكَ عِبَادِي عَنِّي فَإِنِّي قریب

"While my servants  ask you about me, tell them I'm sulely close !"
At such a night, 13the of Rajab, Kaaba  broke and the first world's infallible Imam, Ali(as) entered it.
Tonight also, the heart of Fatima's Mahdi's (as) real waiters will be opened  and his real love and restlessness will enter their hearts.
✅Notice: We should get purified and ask for forgiveness in Rajab month specially during three days of Etekaf(seclusions), to prepare our heart's house for Fatima's Mahdi's (A) foot, inshaallah.🌹👇

 ( أَنْ طَهِّرَا بَيْتِيَ لِلطَّائِفِينَ وَالْعَاكِفِينَ وَالرُّكَّعِ السُّجُودِ —(بقره: 125)
"Purify My House for those who perform Tawaf and those who are staying [there] for worship and those who bow and prostrate [in prayer]."

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)





 The questions about Velayat Faqih:


In the disappearance era when there is no access to infallible Imam (our era) what is our task?


Is it ever possible to imagine that Allah would leave alone the Muslims without  any governor and leader?


Imam Khumeini said: " All the reasons for Imamate  that have been brought up after the Messanger's  time are verily true about Velayat Faqih in the absence era."


 *So how should we know that the leadership of Muslims is at the hands of Faqih( the Jurist) and not the others'?


Imam Ali (as) said:  " The most qualified people to be ruler are the ones who are the most religious and the most knowledgeable about Allah's religion."


️* The person who is supposed to be  the leader needs to be aware and resistant, aware of right positions and capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. All these features are not possible unless with the supreme position of jurisprudence.


️ In response to Ishaq-ibn-Yaqhun, Imam Mahdi (a.j) wrote:    " But for the incidents that happen (for Muslims), refer to the narrators of our traditions, (i.e. scholars), because they are my witnesses upon you and I am the witness fo Allah upon them." (Kamal-ud-Di, p. 484)


In the absence era, the fully qualified jurists accurately extract the individual and religious rules, follow them, and also cast to the others. First, they extract the political rules and social issues of Islam from the religious sources, and finally with a complete tact and accuracy apply in the Islamic community. (Velayat Faqih: Velayat, Jurisprudence, and justice, Javadi Amoli pages 167-168)


Imam Sadiq (as) said:  "Any of you who becomes the narrator of our Hadith and follows Halal and Haram rules and is an expert and is acquainted with our rules you should accept him as a judge. Verily, I announced him your ruler. Therefore, whenever he issues a verdict and they didn't accept it, in fact they have ignored Allah's word and have rejected us. And a person who rejects us is actually rejecting Allah and rejecting Allah means polytheism. (vasa'il up shiat, volume 18, page 98)



* The next question is:  What are the qualifications of a jurisprudent who is supposed to be the leader in the Islamic community?



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi




#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah




The questions about Velayat Faqih:


Who is supposed to be the leader of  the government?


Because of prophecy verdict and Allah's representativeness, all the honorable prophets enjoyed the right of leadership and some of these who could manage to establish a government did so, such as Saint Suleyman, David, Joseph,... and Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

It has been mentioned in Holy Quran that ""O David, indeed We have made you a successor upon the earth, so judge between the people in truth...”(Sad: 26)


👉"The verse indicates that assigning the successor and determining the governor on the Earth is a divine job." (Ahsanulhadith, volume 217, page9)


The job of Islam’s  messenger is to settle the cultural, political,  economical, and military issues. This is clear from their lifestyle and it is a command of Allah:

“Indeed, We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth so you may judge between the people by that which Allah has shown you...” (Al-Nisa,.105)


Regarding this verse, Imam Sadiq (as) says:

Allah has raised the prophet to take him to the highest levels of perfection. Then Allah praised him with the most deserving words. Then Allah gave him guardianship of people so that he can lead them toward Allah and have control over the things.


👉Therefore, the desired and ideal government is the one ahead of which there is the holy Prophet and (according to holy narrations) Imams would be after him.


* The next question is: In the unappearance era of Imam Mahdi(aj), when there is no access to innocent Imam, what's our duty?


🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah

understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih


Because of the necessity of understanding and supporting the "Velayat Fagih" as the main factor of preparing for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(aj), we allocate some of our messages to it


Message 2:


Regarding this matter, Imam Khomaini says:  "The disciplinary rules of Islam concerning economic, political, juridical, and penal systems are likewise constant and they were not limited to the Prophet's  time; neither are they constrained to the current time. As a result, the necessity of a (legal) government and leadership becomes apparent... otherwise, the mere recommendation of a disciplinary ruling system and then the executive officials' ignorance will end up in a chaos and disorderliness in the system."


*Therefore, any school that is a messenger of a guideline for humans, does certainly have individual and social rules. These rules will be useful and effective if only they put to practice and applying divine rules and laws necessarily require a government which guarantees it. Otherwise, either the religious rules will never be applied, or they will be applied by the general all which in turn will lead to a chaos that is worse than when there is no governing system in the society.


 The next question is:  Who would be the govern man leader of the Truth???



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)

nderstanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah

Because of the necessity of understanding and supporting the "Velayat Fagih" as the main factor of preparing for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(aj), we allocate some of our messages to it:



* Velayat Faqih means:

“the authority of the jurist who is knowledgeable, fair, and prudent over  the Islamic community,   (of course) with the purpose of executing the Islamic rules and  actualizing the religious values"


Questions about "Velayat Faqih":

First  question:


What is our need for Velayat Faqih while all the religious rules and obligations have already been stated?

Islam is a comprehensive and eternal religion and it has a constant consideration for all the individual and social aspects for ever.  It has issued a lot of rules for the justice  and in order to actualize these rules and creating a fair community we need to have a government. Also in order to struggle  the tyranny and unfairness we need to have a government.


The holy Quran says,


ألَمْ تَرَ إِلَى الَّذِينَ يَزْعُمُونَ أَنَّهُمْ آمَنُوا بِمَا أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكَ وَمَا أُنزِلَ مِن قَبْلِكَ يُرِيدُونَ أَن يَتَحَاكَمُوا إِلَى الطَّاغُوتِ وَقَدْ أُمِرُوا أَن يَكْفُرُوا بِهِ... (نساء: 60)


Have you not seen those who claim to have believed in what was revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what was revealed before you? They wish to refer legislation to Taghut, while they were commanded to reject it...(Au-Nesa: 60)

It means that Allah likes right government and the Muslims must seek it and reject Taghut(the tyranny and unfairness ).

(to be continued)



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


In the name of God,  The merciful. The compassionate

Who should pray for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi aj

A public movement

أ لَمْ يَأْنِ لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَنْ تَخْشَعَ قُلُوبُهُمْ لِذِكْرِ اللَّه‏ (حدید16)

Isn't the time that believers humble their hearts to pay attention to Allah?

Forty days of sincerely praying for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(aj):

Imam Sadegh (as) :

When there was long time of torturing and hardship on Bani Israeel( Jewish people), they cried and mourned forty days to God,

God revealed to Moses and his brother Harun (as) and said:

To save them from Pharoahs  while from 400 years of their torturing, 170 years was left yet,  and God ignored those years because of Bani lsraeel's cries and mournings....then Imam Sadegh (as) said: If you Shias do such them , God would certainly send Faraj(opening and victory)  and if you don't do it, the Faraj(the reappearance of Imam Mahdi aj)  would reach to its  end.

(Tafsire Ayashi b.2 p.155)


Imam Mahdi (aj) said about it:

Pray alot for my reappearance because praying for my Faraj  is the Faraj(opening and victoty) for yourself.

(Kamaledin b.2 p.485)


Regarding to forty days of praying as Imam Sadegh (as)said  and the word of "alot"  in the hadith of Imam Mahdi(aj), we decided to pray during Hazrat Zahra's (S) mourning days and with her help and any language in any place that we are for forty days. So that up to our groaning and mournings in these forty days, Allah   ignores the rest of his disappearance.

End of these  forty days  is the birthday of his honorable mother, Hazrate Zahra (S) which would be a very good news for prayers.

It would be effective for everyone who joins this group in any of its days, insha'Allah


اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

A public movement


(Join us and publish it so soon, please)

A 40 days of  groaning and lamentation for Fatima's Mahdi's (aj) reappearance:

(according to the comment of Imam Sadigh (as):


From  today, the day  of Feb 11th up to  Mrch 19th. (The night of his mother's birthday Hazrate Zahra (S). with the beginning of new year, we would reach his Arrival. Insha'Allah.

A daily agreement: a turn of rosary(100 times)  or more, pray for his Arrival. Insha'Allah.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful

At Dawn


We should manage and organize ourselves before managing and organizing the others for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(aj), Inshaallah.


Effects and blessings of awakening at dawn:

The distance between dawn and  sun rise is about one and half hour. This time has been called  heaven's hour in hadithes  which has mentioned so many blessings and effects for it.  if a man wants to get such these benefits,  to catch world's  prosperity and happiness and to get  free of adversity, he should be awake during this heaven time because the angles are dividing daily bread(physically and spiritually)  and if you sleep you would lose everything.


Traditions have said: 👉Don't sleep late at night so that you could  be able to get up early in the morning and get the most effects and blessings during these hours.

(Man la yahzorolfaghih b.4 p.20)


Imam Sajad (as) was so strong in early morning awakening. He spent  this time only for Allah  and didn't  talk to any one at that time. (Beharol anvar b.46 p.191 t.57 from asavaed).


There is a saying from Amir Almomenin, Imam Ali(as):

One who recites Surreh  Tohid eleven times after the morning prayers, he will not  do any sins during that day, however Satan will become dispised (that means however Satan tries to astray that person, can't take him towards sins)

(Savabol aamal and eghabol aamal p.277)

(to be continued)



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

In the name of Allah  the Merciful The Compassionate

Let’s Organize Ourselves for the Arrival

Section 3:

Sincerity: The key of reappearance of Imam Mahdi(aj)   

The only way  for the whole world to be saved and the Arrival of world's savior (God hasten his reappearance) is to become sincere.

Imam Sadegh (as) said:

How are you when you have no leader and guide?

At that time, you would be deperated, filtered and riddled.

Some of you keep aloof of each other, by that time you stay away and get separated. You won't reach us unless you get purified up and get separated from the unpurified ones by God.

(Koleyni, osoole kafi, b1, p370 and b8, p67 )

Separation: is like identify malicious from purified.

Filtrarion: is like separation of gross from gold.

Riddle: is like separation of wheat's large grains from tiny ones.

To move towards purification, you should manage your aims (heart), but malicious heart won't be managed, so we should ask forgiveness  from God. And it should be done sincerely of course for Islam and for  the purpose of hastening Imam of age's reappearance,(aj) Inshaallah.

Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) said:


من اخلص لله اربعین یوما فجرالله ینابیع الحکمه من قلبه علی لسلانه"

"One who purifies  his faith for Allah, God would spread his wisdom's spring from his heart to his tongue.”

(Oyonolakhbaroreza, b2, p69, beharolanvar, b67, p 242.)


This hadith explains us that:

There are wisdom's springs  in every body's heart, but because of our unpurified hearts, they don't spread  to our tongues.


Imam Ali(as)has said in Nahjolbalaghe:

"ضاله المومن الحکمه"

 “Wisdom is what a  believer has lost “

Our heart is not pure, so what should we do?


A public movement:

Move forty days towards the purification of our hearts from sins and evils, by asking forgiveness, recital, resorting and praying for Fatima's Mahdi's(aj) Arrival. Inshallah



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

 In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate

Salam Alikum


You are Safir of Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah : plz you send this form to anyone or any group you know, we are supposed to organize ourselves as soon as possible for the Arrival inshallah


International Network Of Arbaeen Mobaleghin (preachers)



Notice: We have a channel for those who want to be a Mobalegh(to preach) for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshallah: 


The link of channel :  “Ahead To The Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ)”: (Which is for all men and women. There is Tadabor(deep thinking) in Quran versues and in prayers such as Ahd Doa, too:


Our English group for men is called:  “263 of Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) are men”


Our English group for ladies is called: “50 of Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) are women”: 


Please, inform all about it.


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Let’s organize ourselves for the Arrival

section 2


In the name of Allah  the Merciful The Compassionate

Second part:

We should be connected to Imam Mahdi(aj) by our heart.

It is impossible to find the right  path in all moments of life without connecting to Imam Mahdi's(aj) Wellaye.

Wellaye  means possession of managing and the authority of affairs.(Almizan translation b:14 p:280)

In case of having purified heart; Imam Mahdi (aj) will be Its target.

Quranic proof:

 🌹و انی لغفار لمن تاب و آمن و عمل صالحا ثم اهتدی(طه 82)

🌹And I will forgive those who have repentanted, done good deeds and been in right path.(Taha: 82)

Imam Sadegh (as) said:

Phrase " ثم اهتدی" (been in right path)  means, following  the Ahlolbayt's path(the Imam's path) . (Majmaolbayan, vol 7, p 23)

Just like the verse:

🌹النبی اولی بالمومنین من انفسهم(احزاب: 5)


🌹The Prophet is more worthy of the believers than themselves, (Al-Ahzab: 5)


This verse aware us of Wellaye  that God has been considered for the Prophet(pbuh) and the Imams(as).

Now if we think about how  salman (a.r) followed Wellaye, we would understand the reasons of his exact  obedience of  his Master Imam Ali (as) with no doubt.

If we would be able to vast the acceptance of Wellaye  to all our life, it would be a great  prosperity, not to become like Balame Baora; he had knowledge, but his heart was into his own passions...It wasn't towards his Imam of age (according to verse 76 s: Aaraf)

So we should know  that:

Amazments, astonishments and wrong doings are because of our not being sincere to Imam Mahdi(aj) and our heart isn't towards Allah.

We should connect our heart to Imam Mahdi(aj), to get prepared and organized for his Arrival,  inshaallah.



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Let’s organize ourselves for the Arrival

section 1


 In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate


First section:


We all should get connected with Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah


Our hearts and also our deeds should become as his shadow


We should purify our hearts and deeds at first by asking for repentance alot


We don't know yet that how great is asking for repentance from Allah


Let's have it as our daily program specifically at Sahar (before the morning  Azan )

المستغفرین بالاسحار


Let's ask for Allah's  forgiveness 100 times at each day and 10 times at Sahar inshaallah


A hadith from Imam Hassan Askari(as):  No one could get close to Allah without being awakened at mid-nights


It could be our first try for getting connected to Imam Mahdi (aj) inshaallah


I will send  all of these programs to everyone in our network throughout the world, so that we could be organized   altogether for the Arrival inshaallah🌹



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



Let’s organize ourselves for the Arrival

Salam Alikum


Our master, Imam Mahdi(aj) is coming  one of these days  inshaallah


We should  prepare and organize ourselves and others for the Arrival inshaallah


We all should be  leaders  and  commandors for groups of people


Our master looks for 313 leaders for his armies


He needs 313 Abbas Abelfazl


We are supposed to follow that aim as soon as possible by getting special trainings, inshaallah




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  10etiquettes of visiting Imam Ridha (as) described by Ayatollah Khamenei
Nov 30, 2016

 1. Pay attention to the presence of the Imam (as)
The first condition for a pilgrimage to be accepted is to meet with his Majesty, the Imam; in other words, visiting the shrine is not limited to simply entering and existing in a place. You have to keep in mind the presence that is there, there is a lofty soul present; pay attention to this presence.

2. Talk to the Imam (as)
To meet the Imam you don’t have to see him with your eyes. He is there, he hears your words, observes your attendance, and he watches you. Talk to him. This is a pilgrimage. The pilgrimage is a meeting in this manner.

3. Greet him
When one meets a person, he or she greets them. This is also required when meeting the purified souls of the Imams (pbut) as well as those close to God. One should go to them; greet them and convey his respect and admiration for them.

4. Speak to them in any language
A visit can be done in any language. If we talk in our own simple language, the etiquette observed while meeting and visiting a person have been realized.

5. Recite the Ziarats (pilgrimage supplications) of the Imams.
If we wish to talk to the Imams (pbut) eloquently and with noble intentions, we should recite the available Ziarats: like that of Ziarat of Imam Ridha (as), Ziarat Amin-Allah or Ziarat Jami’ah.

6. Speak from the bottom of your heart
Communicate from within your heart. Try to free your heart from any other concern, even if for two minutes or five minutes. Establish a connection with the spirituality that fills the shrine and then speak to the Imam.

7. Recite the Ziarat Jami’ah Kabira
The Ziarat Jami’ah Kabira is–for instance—six or seven pages, if you have the times read through it and if not, recite only a page or half a page of it.

8. When doing Ziarat, remember the one you’re addressing
When you are reciting the Ziarat, even if you do not know the meaning of it, remember who you are addressing the Ziarat to. If you accomplish that, then this is a true pilgrimage.

9. Establish a connection between your own heart and that of the Imam(as)
Some people think they have to stick to the Zarih! Because they cannot establish a connection within their heart, they want to connect their bodies to the shrine. What's the use? On the contrary, there are people who might be far, but their hearts are connected; this is good.

10. Perform prayer in the shrine; remember God
Pray in the shrine, perform Salat qadha (missed prayers), perform obligatory salat (prayer), perform recommended prayers, and pray for you parents. Say dhikr, "La ilaha illalah"--there is no other god, besides God--the tasbihat arba’a—provided that the heart is connected.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


These should be the facts we can preach in  Arbaeen Walking to all nationalities coming there:  


Imam Mahdi(aj):  "If all our Shias gather and their hearts get united because of the allegiance(Ahd) they have with us, our meeting wouldn't be delayed and the blessing of our meeting which is going to occur would take place so soon"


So, we should invite all nationalities specifically in the Arbaeen Walking to:


To the allegiance(Ahd) which we should have with Imam Mahdi(aj), the Ahd of Wellaye:


In our united hearts and deeds, inshaallah.



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In the name of God, The merciful, the compassionate

The  relation between our deeds and the Arrival  of  Imam Mahdi(aj)


)Fifth Part)

If you have the aim to obey and follow Imam Mahdi(aj)  and you want to help him, you should try to learn its way and act out in your own.

The most important step  is to make spiritual worship and obeying God  in yourself, it means to be an absolute  follower of religion's rules.

As long as we don't make spiritual form of worship and obey with no reason, our existence doesn't reach the unity, but Satan will decorate our piety, and we'll get the imagination and misgiving. He would make us think of being religious and pious, although because of being proud and selfish we are far away of that.

فمن یردالله ان یهدیه یشرح صدره للاسلام.

So whoever Allah wants to guide - He expands his breast to [contain] Islam;( Al-An'am: 125)


When our aim is purified   for Islam, it will be in the same direction of creation’s  and it will hit the goal and because it is God's will to lunch complete Islam in the world. Allah would help us to support Islam and its lunching.

We should sincerely ask God to purify us for supporting Islam.

But the important point is that it is impossible to collect oppositions, it means our priority and the most important  of  our only request must be supporting God's religion and its savior. We should ask our other requests from God, in the way of the Arrival. For example asking  for having child or axpanded daily bread  for the sake of supporting God's religion.

 (طه: 12)"فخلع نعلیک"

Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals (Ta-ha: 12)

It means throw away whatever you like except God's love.


Imam Madi (A.J) has a nice statement about this love  saying:  Prophet Mouses (as) prays in that holy land (Toor) and said: Oh lord! I purified my love and washed my heart for you only.

And success is from God

Oh God, hasten the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(aj)



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


In the name of Allah  The Merciful The Compassionate

The  relation between our deeds and the Arrival  of  Imam Mahdi(aj):


(Fouth  part)

The best way to face our wealth:

God would ask us of our wealth in the resurrection day

وَ قِفُوهُمْ إِنَّهُمْ مَسْؤُلُونَ (صافات24)

And stop them; indeed, they are to be questioned." (24)


Our only real wealth is God:

«مَاذَا وَجَدَ مَنْ فَقَدَكَ وَ مَا الّذِى فَقَدَ مَنْ وَجَدَكَ؟».

Imam Hussain(as):

Oh Lord, One who doesn't have you, what does he have? and one who has you, what doesn't he have?

(Beharolanva, b 95 p226 )


God is our real wealth.

One whose  wealth is God, will obtain everything and one whose  wealth isn't God would lose everything.


How can we have God in our life? Whenever  we seek for him sincerely.

من طلبنی وجدنی

In Allah’s holy hadith(Godsi hadith)  he said: “One who seek for me would find me”.

And in Ghodsi  hadith while God addressed to  Prophet DaVid (a) that:

و من طلبه غیری لم یجدنی

“One who seeks  for anyone except me, wouldn't find me…..”

Since  it is impossible to add opposites, so actually we should have beg  Allah so we could have Him in our lives  and  also ask Him for the arrival of Mahdi's Fatima (A.J) inshaallah.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


In the name of Allah  The Merciful The Compassionate

The  relation between our deeds and the Arrival  of  Imam Mahdi(aj


(Third part)

We are part of this world and when  a part of the world's existence purifies and gets ready for the Arrival it means comparing to the same existence, world's frame is ready for the Arrival.

Example: When some  one gets up for the night prayer it means that part of the world's existence is getting ready for the Arrival.

When some one  is careful  with his words, writings, behavior and actions and improves  them, it means that part of the world's existence is getting ready for the Arrival.

Vice versa if they are taken towards corruption, it means that part of the world's existence is delaying the Arrival.

Of course the best of betters over comes  the worst and destroys it.

(فصلت: 34) "ادفع بالتی هی احسن"

Repel the badness with your goodness: (Foselat: 34)

The whole world is like a body. If a member goes through goodness, all parts will follow it and if a part gets corrupted,  all the existence will go into that way to that extent.

We follow Imam Ali's (A) quotation: to enter  the spiritual   appearance of our permenant behaviors  and go out of our sensualities we ask God for help In the name of God the merciful  the compassionate.

Part of Imam Khomaini's poem (R.h):

I came out of my nest with your memory

I saw your lovely eyes, so I broke up.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

In the name of Allah  The Merciful The Compassionate

The  relation between our deeds and the Arrival  of  Imam Mahdi(aj):


(Second part)

Mankind is one of the factors in the world that actually his existence  is related to the whole world which the world's goodness and corruption are somehow related  to him. (Almizan 15.p64)

"ظهر الفساد فی البر والبحر بما کسبت ایدی الناس"

“Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].” (Ar-Rum: 41)

In fact we make the world's events through blessings (the Arrival of Imam Mahdi aj) or disasters ( the longitude of his Arrival).

Bad morals (sins) causes the blessing deprivation, disaster's reveal, religious destruction, success's deprivation, oppressor's dominant, contagious disease, life shortness, famine and etc...but in reverse, good manner, behavior and morality make human's will in God's path, merci and blessing will arise (the Arrival of Imam Mahdi aj) specially if good manners become rampant in society (with the promotion of good preach and prevention of sins)

ولو ان اهل القری آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا علیهم برکات من السما والارض (اعراف 96)

“And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth;." (Al-Ar’af: 96)

With repentance and improvment of deeds, we would change the ruins of the world to its glory (the Arrival of Imam Mahdi aj) inshaalah.

(God hasten his arrival)                                              اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


The  connection of our deeds  with the Arrival of  Imam Mahdi(aj):

(First Part)

In the name of God the merciful the compassionate

There is a direct connection between our deeds  and this world’s  events.

Human beings are of same source


کان الناس امه واحده بقره (213 )

Mankind was [of] one nation


Actually we are all connected to each other. Others hurt of our sins and errors, and benefit of our good deeds.

That's why God had revealed this verse in surah Fosselat. V.34

ادفع بالتی هی احسن.

Repel [evil] by that [deed] which is better


Of course our intimates are more effected.

Example: If some one shouts in a house, close members would hear that more than others and will be affected.


The day in Ghadi khom that the Prophet(pbuh) took Ali's (as) hand up and announced his Wellaye, in fact a nation specially his Shias were taken to the Wellaye of high authorities.

Nodbe prayer:

  وَ شِيعَتُكَ عَلَى مَنَابِرَ مِنْ نُورٍ مُبْيَضَّةً وُجُوهُهُمْ حَوْلِي فِي الْجَنَّةِ وَ هُمْ جِيرَانِي وَ لَوْ لا أَنْتَ يَا عَلِيُّ لَمْ يُعْرَفِ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ بَعْدِي وَ كَانَ بَعْدَهُ هُدًى مِنَ الضَّلالِ وَ نُورا مِنَ الْعَمَى وَ حَبْلَ اللَّهِ الْمَتِينَ وَ صِرَاطَهُ الْمُسْتَقِيمَ

And your Shias are on the enlighted chairs while their faces are light  and they are my neighbors in Heaven around me and if you Oh Ali,  weren't there, faithful people wouldn't be known after me, and his excellency was the honor of guidance from misled, light from blindness and he was the strong line toward God and the Straight Path…..

Thanks Allah that He put us of those who possess Wellaye of Amir Al-Momenin Ali(as)  and the other Imams’ (as). …



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


In the Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate

Ghadir and Imam Mahdi (AJ)

 Whoever prophet has Welayat over them, Ali has Welayat over.

"من کنت مولاه فهذا علی مولاه"

So take care: Who has a true Welayat over us?

Who has Welayat over our inner and outer aspects? Who has Welayat over our heart, thought, speech, behaviour, deeds, and decision making? You are only a warner, and for every people is a guide. (Sura 13, Verse 7) إِنَّما أَنْتَ مُنْذِرٌ وَ لِکُلِّ قَوْمٍ هادٍ

 So let's try to adjust our behaviour, inner and outer aspects with perceiving his Arrival and being under his Welayat. Lest: Consciously or unconsciously lust, illusion, and anger have Welayat over us.

⭐️ Warning: Those who did not accept Welayat made Imam Ali (A.S.) to stay at home for 25 years, how long have we (let’s say) Welayees(who accept Welayat), made our Imam Asr (Imam of the Age)to stay at home?



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


Imam Mahdi's(aj) real companions are faithful to Ghadir testament

Imam Ali(as): Keep vows and promises specially with the faithful ones.

Prophet Mohammad(pbuh)  got the promise of people for his Welaye  and Imams of his generation  after reciting Imam Ali’s(as) beauties in Ghadir testament like this:


فَقُولُوا بِأَجْمَعِكُمْ:

«إِنّا سامِعُونَ مُطيعُونَ راضُونَ مُنْقادُونَ . . . .فَالْعَهْدُ وَالْمیثاقُ لَهُمْ مَأْخُوذٌ مِنَّا، مِنْ قُلُوبِنا وَأَنْفُسِنا وَأَلْسِنَتِنا وَضَمائِرِنا وَأَیْدینا. مَنْ أَدْرَکَها بِیَدِهِ وَ إِلاَّ فَقَدْ أَقَرَّ بِلِسانِهِ، وَلا نَبْتَغی بِذالِکَ بَدَلاً وَلایَرَی الله مِنْ أَنْفُسِنا حِوَلاً.

“So repeat all of you:

Of course we hear your talks and will follow you and promise and testament have been taken of us from the bottom of our hearts and with our sprit, tongue and hands. Everyone could do with hands unless with tongue give promise. And we will never change our promises and God wouldn't see broken vows of us.”

Then continued:

وَ مَنْ أَوْفی بِما عاهَدَ عَلَیْهُ الله فَسَیُؤْتیهِ أَجْراً عَظیماً

“God will appreciate the one who is faithful to his promise.”

Imam Mahdi(aj):

 لَوْ أَنَّ أَشْياعَنا وَفَّقَهُمُ اللّهُ لِطاعَتِهِ عَلَى اجْتِماع مِنَ الْقُلُوبِ فِى الْوَفاءِ بِالْعَهْدِ عَلَيْهِمْ لَما تَأَخَّرَ عَنْهُمُ الُْيمْنُ بِلِقائِنا وَ لَتَعَجَّلَتْ لَهُمُ السَّعادَةُ بِمُشاهَدَتِنا:

“If our shias, that God would make them successful in obeying and slavery,  were  united,  faithful and  respectful to their vows, the prosperity of our visit  wouldn't be delayed and could see us  so soon. (Alehtejaj, b2, p499)

***So according to this hadith, the big award that the Prophet(pbuh) promised to his real companions of Wellaye  and Imamate  is Imam Mahdi’s(aj) Arrival and visiting him.

While Prophet(pbuh)  recited in Ghadir to claimant the liars of Wellaye:

، الَّذینَ وَصَفَهُمُ الله فی کِتابِهِ بِأَنَّهُمْ یَقُولُونَ بِأَلْسِنَتِهِمْ مالَیْسَ فی قُلوبِهِمْ، وَیَحْسَبُونَهُ هَیِّناً وَ هُوَ عِنْدَالله عَظیمٌ.

They say things which aren't in their hearts and count it pity and easy, while it's very big to God.


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



Mahdavi secrets  from Ghorban  to  Ghadir eve.


(From self sacrifice to reach Wellaye)

Ibrahim  Khalil  has been taken to the slaughter house and Ali (as) to Ghadir

To take off the veil over   Wellaye's secrets

Every one can reach Wellaye  by sacrifying his desires

💔It's mpossible to add the opposites

It's mpossible for one to undrestand the presence of Fatima's Mahdi (aj)  and to go toward  his desires, too.

Do you know why Ibrahim Khalil took his son Ismail to slaughter house? because he loved Ali (as)



Secret of reaching velayat

Every one  gets to Wellaye  up  to his sacrifice. ‍


الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَ هاجَرُوا وَ جاهَدُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ بِأَمْوالِهِمْ وَ أَنْفُسِهِمْ أَعْظَمُ دَرَجَةً عِنْدَ اللَّهِ وَ أُولئِكَ هُمُ الْفائِزُون (توبه: 20)


The ones who have believed, emigrated and striven in the cause of Allah with their wealth and their lives are greater in rank in the sight of Allah. And it is those who are the attainers [of success]. (At-Tawba:20)



You should put and pass your wealth, yourself and your desires from  Ghorban to Ghadir



💔You wouldn't get to  Ali (as) and his Ghadir unless get  to the  slaughterhouse of Ghorban!

But   ⭐️the Imam⭐️  is waiting for those who purified their souls from their worldly desires.


إِنَّما وَلِيُّكُمُ اللَّهُ وَ رَسُولُهُ وَ الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا الَّذِينَ يُقِيمُونَ الصَّلاةَ وَ يُؤْتُونَ الزَّكاةَ وَ هُمْ راكِعُونَ (مائده: 55)


Your ally is none but Allah and [therefore] His Messenger and those who have believed - those who establish prayer and give zakah, and they bow [in worship]. (Al-Ma'ida: 55)

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

O' Wellaye  lovers


Hazrate Masuome (s) connected to Bareka(blessing) of her time, Imam  Ali ibn Moosa Reza(a.s.), so  her short life became beneficial , to the  extent  that a ten days between their birthday named Keramat(generosity)  decade.


One who connects  to the real Bareka(blessing)  of this time,  Imam Mahdi(aj,  his whole life, age, words, writings and existence  will become full of benefits.


We also can have a beneficial presence in this world by connecting to him  through realizing  his beneficial  presence, do our divine promise and prepare ourselves and the others for his Arrival, too,  inshaallah.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

 A daily Mahdavi Program: 

Salam Alikum:


We are supposed to have a fix program for ourselves to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ), INSHAALLAH🌹


We should do as this program is, and give grades to ourselves at the end of the day, and see our progress, too.



A daily Mahdavi Program: 

 To get prepared for Imam Mahdi(AJ)’s  Arrival, INSHAALLAH: 👇👇👇

(Add your grades at the end of the day)

2 grades 👉 for making an Ahd(promise) and daily talking with Allah through Ahd Dua


5 grades👉 for 5 times daily prayers(it's better established at its  best first minutes and  in a Jamae, with others)


4 grades👉 for a daily sport for at least 15 minutes(walking, or other sports.....since Imam's soldiers should be healthy and strong)


4 grades👉 for a daily studying books(especially at least 50 versues of Quran at a day, Nahjolbalage, Hadithes, Ahkam,,,,,,,,,)


5 grades👉 for the mid-night prayers( establishing at least 5 rokat of it)


5 grades👉 for giving service to Allah's servants specifically to our families(with the aim of supporting Imam Mahdi AJ)


And give a daily  approximate grade (up to 20)  to the quality and the quantity of your attention to Imam Mahdi(AJ)'s presence.


I would explain👆👆👆 this last part which is related to 'attention to his presence'  as much as I can today and the next future days, inshallah.🌹


Your daily grades(with out the mid-night prayer) would become up to 40.


Whoever gets all those 40 daily grades, he would reach its completion since no. 40 is a holy no. Then, he would get the opportunity of the mid-night prayer as well inshallah. 😂


An example for attention to the presence of the Imam:   I had a good attention to his presence, today. So, I give 18 grade to it.


You could put or stick this program somewhere that you could see it alot. Please, send this program to everyone to get prepared for his Arrival , inshaallah.  And ask all your friends and groups to join us in these groups and channel, today. Since we are going to explain the attention of his presence so soon at so many future days inshaallah.


Just don't forget  to add all your grades at the end of each day(without the grade of your mid-night prayer since it's better remain secret between you and Allah), and then send it in this group in such a way: 👇👇👇 and it's a kind of announcing your grade to him, too. 👇👇👇


Ex: 👉 Ya Mahdi: (35)


Please, send this to everyone and all groups as soon as possible: 👇👇👇



⭐️⭐️International Network Of Montazeran Mouod(AJ): ⭐️⭐️


Our English group for men is called:  “263 of Ansar Al-Mahdi are men”


Our English group for ladies is called: “50 of Ansar Al-Mahdi are women”: 


Please, inform all about it.



Notice: We have a channel for those who want to be a Mobalegh(to preach) for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshallah: 


The link of channel :  “Ahead To The Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ)”: (Which is for all men and women. There is Tadabor(deep thinking) in Quran versues and in prayers such as Ahd Doa, too:


And send all that program👆 and all the last related messages 👆to all, please. Since you are Safir of Imam Mahdi(AJ) INSHAALLAH


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

The international call for the Arrival of the Saviour(Imam Mahdi AJ)  and the victory of Islam

Salam  to him,  the king who is without an army and assistance
Isn't it  time to reunite and have a shared promise for asking the world's savior??
Along with holy Quran's descending on sweet heart of Imam Mahdi AJ (May our souls be sacrified to Him) on Qadr night,  we will put the Quran  on our head and will renew our vows with him.
⭐️A global vow and a sincere empathy with him
Relying on words revealed by Allah ( ُ اُدْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ  "Invoke to Me! I will answer Your invocation"), we will weep, yell and pray  for  the Arrival of our master so that we can witness hastening in His arrival, Inshaallah.
A folk's movement to renew promises with Imam Mahdi (AJ),  Isitiqasa for hastening in his Arrival and Islam's  victory
Call no.1
⭐️O you, Safir of Imam Mahdi(AJ), the ones ready-to-serve him:
Please don't hesitate to share this message with the whole world, INSHAALLAH. 

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



✅In the name of Allah 


#Willayat(The  lecture of  Ayatollah Khamenei in Ramadan of 1394 in Mashhad): We present you it's summary: 👇👇👇

(Part  2)

I explained those issues about the prophet’s missions because I intend to talk about👉 ‘wilayat’ in a new way, that is, I mean to discuss the roots of wilayat, not in a simplistic manner as some people think.

❓Now let me ask this question: is the prophet able to administer such a society single- handedly? Of course not.

❓Doesn’t such a society need an administration and organized units to carry out its commitments?

❓ Doesn’t it need soldiers to defend it against its enemies?

❓  Doesn’t the prophet need some helpers and comrades to help him further his message?

⭕️Yes, the answer to all those questions is in the affirmative and our holy Prophet carried out all these obligations through ordinary, worldly means, not by some extra-ordinary events. So the prophet does succeed in bringing together such a small, but united, unified, steadfast and patient group in the first place. He does this by reciting the Quranic verses to them: “You shall invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and with kindly exhortation…”(  Sura 16, Aya 125.). God tells His prophet to exploit God’s words and revelations and find ways into the hearts and souls of people around him in this way.

Thus the Prophets manage to gather a group around them, of the most faithful, the most firm and the most unshakable, of the kind described in the Hadeeth: ‘those who will never be shaken by the blamers’(Nahj-Al-Balagha - Sermon 192) ; that is, those who never tremble at the accusations and allegations of disbelievers and will steadfastly continue walking on the path of God. These are the first and foremost Muslims.

 Now do we have a name for this unbreakable, firm rope in the Quran and Islamic tradition? Yes, we do have a name for this; it is called👉 "Wilayat".

(To  be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)

In the name of Allah

🌹Understanding the concept of Velayat_Faqih
(the Authority of the Jurist)


(From the lecture of  Ayatollah Khamenei in Ramadan of 1394 in Mashhad)
(Section 1)

❓What do God's prophets come for?  They come to help humanity towards spiritual perfection, and to familiarize people with moral laws sanctioned by God.

They  create  a new human-making factory.

The prophets of God struggle for decades to create their desired human beings, they are not satisfied by converting a few people, their aim is the whold mankind, they want that their message will gratually and automatically reshape the world community.

❓ Now, which is this new human-making factory, so to speak?  All the people say that prophets come to create moral men worthy of the name human and they all believe that God's prophets educate people to travel on the path of God. And their factory means the creation of an Islamic system and community.

❓ What is the nature of this Islamic community?  An Islamic community is a society or civilization governed by God Almighty, the injunction and laws of God are carried out in this community and all appointments are made according to the will of God.

A shinning example of such a society is Medina at the time of the holy prophet, he acted as God's deputy in executing laws, in providing regulations for all afairs and guiding people to the right path.  (To  be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi



✅In the name of Allah

❓A question: What could we do so that Imam Mahdi(aj) Arrives as soon as possible, insha'Allah???

Imam Mahdi(aj): 

لَوْ أَنَّ أَشْياعَنا وَفَّقَهُمُ اللّهُ لِطاعَتِهِ عَلَى اجْتِماع مِنَ الْقُلُوبِ فِى الْوَفاءِ بِالْعَهْدِ عَلَيْهِمْ لَما تَأَخَّرَ عَنْهُمُ الُْيمْنُ بِلِقائِنا وَ لَتَعَجَّلَتْ لَهُمُ السَّعادَةُ بِمُشاهَدَتِنا:

If our Shias,  whom Allah  make them succesful in their prayers and obeying, were united in their Ahd( promise)  and respected their vows, the prosperity of our visit wouldn't  delay for them and could visit us sooner. (Beharolanvar; b 53, p, 176, p,8)

⭕️The addressee of this  divine  hadith are   Shias.

⭕️The meaning of our shias  is  the followers of Prophet (PBUH) and Imams (as)

⭕️The purpose of it is to visit Imam Mahdi(aj) and to  hasten his Arrival

⭕️The way to reach that holy aim is through fulfilling our Ahd(promise)

⭕️The way to reach that is to gather and to be  united in hearts

✅Now what is this vow which Shias  has promised to the  Prophet and Imams  and in this hadith has  emphasised on hearts to be united over being faithful  and it has mentioned that  if this promise was taken heartly and with unity, Imam of age (aj) did not disappear at all and the prosperity of his visit was not delayed...???


📣 Vellayat promise in Ghadire Khom's day

According to this tradition, our Imam of age(aj)  "whom our souls  to be sacrificed  for him", afew points are mentioned: 

1️⃣_ To be faithful towards Imamat's vow: be faithful towards the promise we gave to our Prophet(PBUH) and our Imams(as).


2️⃣_To have sympathy, with all Shias in  praying  for the Arrival of  Imam of age's (aj) so deeply by their hearts  and all their requests  and concentration should be on it , All hearts' attention should be towards this fact to  pray for his Arrival, insha'Allah.

3️⃣_ United in sympathy, all should be united in this common goal and be faithful to reach it .

✅Necessity to be faithful towards this vow is Velayat's recognition.

So, Oh Imam of age's (aj) Safirs( embassadors) : Let's  prepare and give the priority for his Arrival, let's try  our best so that  this expensive Ahd(promise)  to be done,  to be faithful toward  this request, and our hearts get  united. insha'Allah🌹

🌹Oh God hasten his arrival🌹

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Tadabor in Quran:

✅Quran is the complementarity guidance  of humanity.

Everything is in Quran. Quran is such a great ocean that you could draw out what ever you want from it.

All of us have a link with the internal world.  We could draw out the truth from Quran through the internal world. But it needs our belief in the  existance of the unseen(internal world) at first.

🌹This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah - (2) Who believe in the unseen..........(Al-Baqara: 2-3)

Since we, as human beings, have two aspects. One is the natural9pparent) world and the other is the unseen(internal)  world.

We should be connected to the internal world to be able to give a true service to Islam and our family.

This apparent  world or better say our apparent world is not seperated from our  internal world.

So, let's get familiar with the aspect of our internal world. The way that it is true and Allah satisfy it.

We cannot reach our complementarity with our only one aspect.

A bird could fly with two wings. And we could fly to the end of our humanity by looking at and using our two aspects: apparent and internal world, inshaallah.

Tadabor(think deeply) of Yusef Surreh in Quran

Salam Alikum:

⭐️Let's have a Tadabor in Yosef Surreh:  ⭐️

🌹بسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
الر ۚ تِلْكَ آيَاتُ الْكِتَابِ الْمُبِينِ ﴿١﴾

🌹Alif, Lam, Ra. These are the verses of the clear Book. (1)

- Alif, Lam, Ra. :  It is a secret between Allah and His Prophet(pbuh), a love secret.

- He introduces Quran by emphasizing on its clearness.

- It's clear but not for un-clear hearts.

There should be a similarity between our heart and that Holy Book so that we could be able to understand it well.

🌹إنَّا أَنزَلْنَاهُ قُرْآنًا عَرَبِيًّا لَّعَلَّكُمْ تَعْقِلُونَ ﴿٢﴾

🌹 Indeed, We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur'an that you might understand. (2)

- Quran is so greater than what we see it as a book, now.  It's a truth which could not be understood by itself.

So Allah sent  its manifestation, a  glance of it,  in  Arabic. Since Arabic is the most complete language.

🌹نحْنُ نَقُصُّ عَلَيْكَ أَحْسَنَ الْقَصَصِ بِمَا أَوْحَيْنَا إِلَيْكَ هَـٰذَا الْقُرْآنَ وَإِن كُنتَ مِن قَبْلِهِ لَمِنَ الْغَافِلِينَ ﴿٣﴾

🌹We relate to you, [O Muhammad], the best of stories in what We have revealed to you of this Qur'an although you were, before it, among the unaware. (3)

- We tell stories to our children at their bed so  that they could better sleep, but Allah is telling us a story in Here  so that we could better  awaken.

✅Imam Ali(as): The people of the world are like Travellers who are being carried while they are asleep.

- Allah has told us alot of stories in Quran but the story of Yosuf story is the best of them.

- We were unaware about all the stories of Quran, but He emphasized on this best story to make us aware about lots of  valueable and worthy points.

- It reminds us the hadith which has said that if "anyone doesn't become aware about his Imam, he would die while he is unaware and ignorant."

- We are supposed to become aware about Hazrat Fatema's Yusef, Imam Mahdi(aj),  through Tadabor in Yusef Surreh, inshaallah.👇👇👇


✅Quran is the complementarity guidance  of humanity.

Everything is in Quran. Quran is such a great ocean that you could draw out what ever you want from it.

All of us have a link with the internal world.  We could draw out the truth from Quran through the internal world. But it needs our belief in the  existance of the unseen(internal world) at first.

🌹This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah - (2) Who believe in the unseen..........(Al-Baqara: 2-3)

Since we, as human beings, have two aspects. One is the natural9pparent) world and the other is the unseen(internal)  world.

We should be connected to the internal world to be able to give a true service to Islam and our family.

This apparent  world or better say our apparent world is not seperated from our  internal world.

So, let's get familiar with the aspect of our internal world. The way that it is true and Allah satisfy it.

We cannot reach our complementarity with our only one aspect.

A bird could fly with two wings. And we could fly to the end of our humanity by looking at and using our two aspects: apparent and internal world, inshaallah.


🌹  إذْ قَالَ يُوسُفُ لِأَبِيهِ يَا أَبَتِ إِنِّي رَأَيْتُ أَحَدَ عَشَرَ كَوْكَبًا وَالشَّمْسَ وَالْقَمَرَ رَأَيْتُهُمْ لِي سَاجِدِينَ ﴿٤﴾

🌹  [Of these stories mention] when Yuseph said to his father, "O my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me." (4)

- Now, Allah is starting His story for us, to awaken us: ......

It's marvoulous that Allah even told us a story, His best stories. It shows that He is trying to direct us, guide us to a holy aim.

- Everything started with a dream.

Allah is trying to prove the truth of the unseen world.

Not all dreams are the truth. The dreams of the Prophets, the pure people, and some others because of some  specific cases are actually true.

Allah is introducing to us the relation and  the coincidence of the internal world with the apparent, the natural world.

- As Yuseph said:  "O my father, indeed I have seen [in a dream] eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me."

It actually coincided with his eleven brothers, his father and his mother that finally accepted his Wellaye through bowing down before him.

✅We should get more pured and  more familiar with our internal world to better understand its relation with our apparent world, so that to understand our status and responsibility before our Yosef of this time, Imam Mahdi(aj), too,  inshaallah.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج



🌹قالَ يَا بُنَيَّ لَا تَقْصُصْ رُؤْيَاكَ عَلَىٰ إِخْوَتِكَ فَيَكِيدُوا لَكَ كَيْدًا ۖ إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لِلْإِنسَانِ عَدُوٌّ مُّبِينٌ ﴿٥﴾

🌹He said, "O my son, do not relate your vision to your brothers or they will contrive against you a plan. Indeed Satan, to man, is a manifest enemy. (5)

- At this versue and the last versue Allah is talking about a vision. He is talking about  a kind of  internal  vision which is called a dream.

- He is actually refering us to two kind of vision which is created for us: an natural vision which is reached through our two eyes in our physical bodies, and an internal vision which is reached through our  soul.

Since the only way that we could see the presence of our  Yousef, Imam Mahdi(aj), is this.

✅- The point is that if we don't see his presence  through our soul we cannot connect with him so deeply and clearly.

We should be connected to him all the moments of our life, but in otherwise, we cannot understand  anything so clearly and deeply as we may.

✅And as in this versue, Yuseph's father told him that do not relate your vision to his  brothers, we should remember not to say anything about our true visions specially about Imam Mahdi(aj) to every one.

- So, we might see Imam Mahdi(aj) in both our dreams and also by our soul when we are awaken.

- Since indeed Satan, to man, is a manifest enemy, through some people then they may contrive against you a plan.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :  


🌹 وكَذَٰلِكَ يَجْتَبِيكَ رَبُّكَ وَيُعَلِّمُكَ مِن تَأْوِيلِ الْأَحَادِيثِ وَيُتِمُّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكَ وَعَلَىٰ آلِ يَعْقُوبَ كَمَا أَتَمَّهَا عَلَىٰ أَبَوَيْكَ مِن قَبْلُ إِبْرَاهِيمَ وَإِسْحَاقَ ۚ إِنَّ رَبَّكَ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ ﴿٦﴾

And thus will your Lord choose you and teach you the interpretation of narratives and complete His favor upon you and upon the family of Jacob, as He completed it upon your fathers before, Abraham and Isaac. Indeed, your Lord is Knowing and Wise." (Yusef: 6)

-Allah is introducing Himself and His Wisdom: (وكَذَٰلِكَ)

- Allah is always looking for choosing some people to teach them knowledges

- He does it to complete His favour to the people

(specifically to the Prophets and Imams)

- It's because of His Wisdom to help all to get completed and reach the unknown and unseen world, the internal world

Since no one could get close to Allah without it👆

- He choosed Yusef and taught him the interpretation of narratives

We understand that whatever He had taught us throughout our life is to choose us, too

- So, we should realize all the things He has taught us so far

- Yusef needed that Allah's given knowledge so many times in his life and that helped him to get  completed both in his  natural and internal degrees  besides Allah.

So, we should realize  our Allah's given knowledge to get close to Him through it, too.

✅Notice: Satan is,  at the same time,  teaching us so many things to decrease our both natural and internal degrees besides Allah. Be careful and ask Allah and the Imams for help, inshaallah.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :



🌹 لقَدْ كَانَ فِي يُوسُفَ وَإِخْوَتِهِ آيَاتٌ لِّلسَّائِلِينَ ﴿٧﴾

🌹Certainly were there in Joseph and his brothers signs for those who ask, (7)

- Allah is encouraging us to have questions and ask them

- We are supposed to get the answers to our questions from Him, the Creator

- He doesn't want us, His creatures,  to just accept any answers  to our questions, instead He wants us to ask for the  signs in each of the answers we receive for them.

- He referred us to the story of Yosef and his brothers to get the signs for our questions.

- Signs present and prove  the answers of our questions so that there would remain no douth in them.

- The main question which has been answered through out the Yosef Surreh  and in this specific versue is that: 👇👇👇
🌹 قالُوا أَإِنَّكَ لَأَنتَ يُوسُفُ ۖ قَالَ أَنَا يُوسُفُ وَهَـٰذَا أَخِي ۖ قَدْ مَنَّ اللَّـهُ عَلَيْنَا ۖ إِنَّهُ مَن يَتَّقِ وَيَصْبِرْ فَإِنَّ اللَّـهَ لَا يُضِيعُ أَجْرَ الْمُحْسِنِينَ ﴿٩٠﴾

🌹They said, "#Are_you_indeed_Yusef?" He said "I am Joseph, and this is my brother. Allah has certainly favored us. Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good."(90)

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :


🌹إذْ قَالُوا لَيُوسُفُ وَأَخُوهُ أَحَبُّ إِلَىٰ أَبِينَا مِنَّا وَنَحْنُ عُصْبَةٌ إِنَّ أَبَانَا لَفِي ضَلَالٍ مُّبِينٍ ﴿٨﴾

🌹 When they said, "Joseph and his brother are more beloved to our father than we, while we are a clan. Indeed, our father is in clear error. (8)

-  Everything started with a talk, a statement.  👉 When they said, ..........

- We should  be very carefull on what we say and what we hear, since it might be a satanic plot.

- It's the nature of all the human beings to be more beloved to Allah, but it's Satan who changes its directions and whispers to everyone  in order to be more beloved to others.

- Everything starts from our hearts, if it gets pured all the moments, there wouldn't occur any trouble. But if we don't pure  our hearts through repentence and doing good deeds we cannot control our talks anymore.

- The main trouble roots from selfishness. As Yusef's brothers believed and also mentioned that: 👉 "we are a clan"

- All of us believe and regard a kind of special dignity and status for ourselves. Eventhough, it could be nice and a step for our success and our self-assurrance, but  that is exactly the point where Satan concentrates his activities and  encourages us to do sins through it, too.

- The people mainly, think that they are on the strait path and the others are in a clear error. As Yusef's brothers thought so:  👉 "Indeed, our father is in clear error."  (8)

✅ They couldn't understand their father at all, since their heart was unclear but their father's was clear.  So, there was no connection between their hearts. We should always ask for repentance and do good deeds while we follow Hazrat Fatema's Yusef(aj) at all our moments, through connecting to his heart.

✅If we practice to be connected to our Imam's heart we could go through the strait path of Wellaye and Imammate ourselves, by the permission of Allah(باذن الله). Then  we could guide the others to it too  and also reach his Arrival so soon, inshaallah. 🌹

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :  

🌹اقْتُلُوا يُوسُفَ أَوِ اطْرَحُوهُ أَرْضًا يَخْلُ لَكُمْ وَجْهُ أَبِيكُمْ وَتَكُونُوا مِن بَعْدِهِ قَوْمًا صَالِحِينَ ﴿٩﴾

🌹Kill Joseph or cast him out to [another] land; the countenance of your father will [then] be only for you, and you will be after that a righteous people." (9)

- It shows that Satan always encourages and deceives   us to do something  against the Imammate and Wellaye

- He does it by concentrating on our wish to be at the countenance of the other people,  specifically up to our  pious nature

- The intersting point was that Yusef''s brothers wanted  to  attract their father's countenance while he was a prophet himself, too. But they didn't know it. They were just  misleaded through Satan.

- It shows that all of us are naturally after getting the attention of our Imam, too. But we might have been misleaded through Satan in order to do something against  Imam's true path, too.

- We are all interested to be known as righteous people specifically besides the Imammat and Wellaye. But we should be very carefull since Satan uses this natural favour of ours at exactly the opposite side of it(losing  Imam's attention)😭

Ex: As  the time when Khavarej(خوارج)  went after putting Quran up on their swords and fighting with Imam Ali(as) at the same time. 😭

Ex: As  in Ashura while alot of so called Muslims went to Karbala and fought with Imam Hussain(as) 😭

And also while we want to do something for Imammate and Wellaye  but actually we do sins and hurt its status 😭. Allah guides us, inshaallah.

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :  

🌹 قالَ قَائِلٌ مِّنْهُمْ لَا تَقْتُلُوا يُوسُفَ وَأَلْقُوهُ فِي غَيَابَتِ الْجُبِّ يَلْتَقِطْهُ بَعْضُ السَّيَّارَةِ إِن كُنتُمْ فَاعِلِينَ ﴿١٠﴾

🌹Said a speaker among them, "Do not kill Joseph but throw him into the bottom of the well; some travelers will pick him up - if you would do [something]." (10)

- Allah might present his guidance through even a  light point which might be left in the hearts of some of  the unbelievers as it showed itself through a speaker among the Yusef's brothers.

- Since Wellaye is supposed to be saved

- Yusef is supposed to be saved so that the people and his brothers should get matured spiritually and morally at first.

- And Fatema's Yusef, Imam Mahdi(aj) is supposed to be saved and it's  reason is exactly the same 👆

- We know that the time of Imam Mahdi(aj)'s Arrival  depends  on our maturity( Basirat)  in the religious and social aspects, too

- Until we don't reach that  kind of Basirat we won't understand Fatima's Yusef, too. Eventhough he is with us and we might see him alot throughout our lives.

- Wellaye Faghih  should be  the source of our Basirat, as Imam Mahdi(aj) has ordered us,  and our Basirat  could only be increased by following him, inshaallah.

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :   

🌹 قالُوا يَا أَبَانَا مَا لَكَ لَا تَأْمَنَّا عَلَىٰ يُوسُفَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَنَاصِحُونَ ﴿یوسف: 11﴾

🌹They said, "O our father, why do you not entrust us with Joseph while indeed, we are to him sincere counselors? (Yusuf: 11)

- Satan is trying exactly the same way, to show himself our sincere counselors by making us to trust him

- He does his best so that we trust him with our souls

-  He did the same with Adam when he was in Heaven and he does it with us throughout our lives

- If anyone trusts him he starts his counsultations

- Firstly, he pretends that he is a sincere counselor

- Then he makes us to forget our Yusuf(Imam Mahdi aj), as Yusuf's brothers tried to do

✅Their father was a prophet and he never forgot Yusuf, but what about us?

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :   

🌹أرْسِلْهُ مَعَنَا غَدًا يَرْتَعْ وَيَلْعَبْ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ ﴿١٢﴾

🌹Send him with us tomorrow that he may eat well and play. And indeed, we will be his guardians. (12)

- This is Satan that tricked Yosef's brothers to say a lie to their father so they could do their plan. And this is exactly how Satan tricks us all the times so we lie to others and eventually believe it ourselves consequently.

- The reason that they told it to their father a night before is Satan's trick, too. They were supposed to give a time to their father to think well in an enough time, since if they asked him  the day after it, he would propably would instantly disagreed with it.

- They gave some attractive reasons as to their brothers age: We are going to take him so that he may eat well and play. And this is exactly what Satan does for tricking us. Satan  always inspires us in a way that we get attracted to his aims.

-  The point is that Satan gives us a lie  assurance for the way he wants to pull us to, exactly as  Yusef's brothers  gave a lie assurance to their father and said:  indeed, we will be his guardians.

- And the main point is that we neither should rely on any assurance in our side neither from any others, but Allah's.

- We always should believe on this and say it to our hearts and to others as Jacoob(a) finally  did in regard to Yusef's brother, Benyamin: 👉 That Allah is the Best Gurdian.

والله خیر حافظا

❤️ Ya Allah, You protect our Yusef, Imam Mahdi(aj) and his nation  from Satan's tricks, since You are the Best Gurdian.

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفزج🌹

#Tadabor_Of_Yusef_Surreh :   

🌹قالَ إِنِّي لَيَحْزُنُنِي أَن تَذْهَبُوا بِهِ وَأَخَافُ أَن يَأْكُلَهُ الذِّئْبُ وَأَنتُمْ عَنْهُ غَافِلُونَ ﴿١٣﴾

🌹 [Jacob] said, "Indeed, it saddens me that you should take him, and I fear that a wolf would eat him while you are of him unaware." (13)

- It's exactly the time which Satan gives us an excuse and permits us to say or do somethings about it because of our fear.

- Our fear  doesn't allow us to rely on God throughly at that time.

- Fear is an  Satanic trick except fearing to disobey God.

- Fearing others   than God's(disobeying Him) makes us sad all the time.

- Fearing others  than God's(disobeying Him) makes us just worry about the other's unawareness instead of relying on God.

- The more we love anyone the more Satan tries his best to trick us through that love and pulls us away from remembering God.

As Jacob loved Yusef and that made him to fear and to become  sad about the  awareness of his brothers  instead of remembering and relying on God at that time.

And we shouldn't even allow our love for  Imam Mahdi(aj), make us to forget Allah, since the truth love of both is actually one.

- Satan tricks anyone whose wordly desires and love could  make him to forget God at some  specific times.

- We should just rely on Allah and do whatever is our duty, inshaallah. That's all.

🌹اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج🌹

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Imam Mahdi(AJ): The solver of all difficulties



Imam Mahdi(AJ); 

  The solver of all difficulties

اللهم انا نشکوا الیک من فقد نبینا و .........غيبة ولینا
Oh Allah , I complain for the disappearence of of our master(Imam Mahdi AJ)"Iftitah Dua"

We have complained about so many of our difficulties to Allah but never sincerely complained because of his disappearance.

The main reason of any difficulty in this world is the disappearance of Imam Mahdi(AJ)

Imam Mahdi(AJ) is the solver of all problems.

(specifically through the realization of his presence and his Arrival)

If we realize the presence of Imam Mahdi(AJ), we will be connected to him through:

- Our heart :  so our heart will be free from all evil and all our heart-felt problems would be solved

- Our tongue: so we will have control over our tongue and our tongue-related problems would be solved

- Our deeds :  so our actions will be improved and our practical difficulties would be solved, too.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


Why didn't Allah  give the permission of Imam Mahdi(AJ)'s Arrival, yet?


Let's have a Tadabor in Quran:


🌹 قالُوا يَا أَبَانَا مَا لَكَ لَا تَأْمَنَّا عَلَىٰ يُوسُفَ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَنَاصِحُونَ ﴿یوسف: 11)


🌹They said, "O our father, why do you not entrust us with Joseph while indeed, we are to him sincere counselors? (Yousef: 11)


- The point is that they knew why their father might not allow Joseph to come with them, so they emphasised on it.


But we didn't truely understand why Allah didn't allow Hazrat Fatema's Joseph to come to us, to Arrive yet.


There should be two factors, so that Allah allows Imam Mahdi(AJ) to come to us, too.


1- When Allah trusts us with him




2- When we become sincere  for him


- But we have done exactly the same as Joseph's brothers did with him, throughout our life by our sins.


Certainly, if we become mature and so suffered in his absence, then we will become so sincere for him. And then Allah will trust us and will  give  a permission  so that Imam Mahdi(AJ) comes to us, inshaallah.


This should be the aim of  our Daily Mahdavi Program: To do things so that Allah could trust us and be sure of our sincerity for our Imam, inshaallah.🌹


While we believe in his presecnce,  have Tawasol for it  and try to practice in not forgeting it, we will prove those two factors before Allah, inshaallah.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

And the forerunners, the forerunners

(Al- Waqi'a: 10)

السابقون السابقون(واقعه: 10)



 we should  understand  Imam  Mahdi (A.J)’s  presence and dominance.


This is the martyr's job that all their existence  were full of love. As a poem says:

(You give me a hint.......

I will run after you........)

There are God's signs  for every one with his special conditions in this world.

You can understand  the signs better, if you have a deep concept of him and speed up with his dominance.

Of course God doesn't compare anyone with someone else. Every body will be examined according to his specific conditions, so we should try to speed up toward nice ties in our special personal conditions (get better than before).

A preacher said to the people: "Everyone, please, come a step further".  All did that, then  he said: “This is all the religion is about, that everybody comes further from where he is now(in moral and his good deeds),  to support  Imam Mahdi AJ.


An example: Someone was asked: How much is your speed while running?

He said(for instance): This is my speed....

He was asked again: Shall you have the same speed even if a dog runs after you?

He replied: No, then I would  run faster.

He was said that: So, your real speed is this one.


Now it can be said that our potentials are more than what we think in all matters. It's important to get the hints.

With the mercy of Imam Mahdi (A.J)’s  existence some points have become clear  to us in this world and some of them are understandable beside our heart's concept.

So we should understand all the points in order  to speed up from where we are, as long as we are alive,  with the presence and dominance of Imam Mahdi (A.J), put  ourselves  under the surveillance of his Wellaye  and follow him, so  prepare everything ready for  his Arrival as long as we are alive. Ishaallah.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Tadabor(deep thinking) in versue 24 of Holy Quran, chapter 27(The Ant):

Other duties of the ones who are waiting for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi AJ

found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of Allah, and Satan has made their deeds pleasing to them and averted them from [His] way, so they are not guided, (24)


وجَدتُّهَا وَقَوْمَهَا يَسْجُدُونَ لِلشَّمْسِ مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَعْمَالَهُمْ فَصَدَّهُمْ عَنِ السَّبِيلِ فَهُمْ لَا يَهْتَدُونَ ﴿٢٤﴾


- We should go and look for the people who are not worshiping Allah(I found her and  her people  prostrating to the sun instead of Allah .........وَجَدتُّهَا وَقَوْمَهَا يَسْجُدُونَ لِلشَّمْسِ مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ.) and since  it was certainly a good excuse and a clear authorization  for the absence of one of the birds called hoopoe


And he took attendance of the birds and said, "Why do I not see the hoopoe - or is he among the absent? (20) I will surely punish him with a severe punishment or slaughter him unless he brings me clear authorization." (21) But the hoopoe stayed not long and said, "I have encompassed [in knowledge] that which you have not encompassed, and I have come to you from Sheba with certain news. (22)


- We should announce it to Imam Mahdi(AJ) if we found any who worship any other  god  than Allah and ask him for his guidance.


وجَدتُّهَا وَقَوْمَهَا يَسْجُدُونَ لِلشَّمْسِ مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ ........


That is what we mostly don't do it, since we are not aware and realize our Imam's presence and conciousness .


- We should look for the reasons of the people's disbelief and announce it to our Imam, too. (as it has said in  versue 24 of this Surreh)"


...and Satan:


1) has made their deeds pleasing to them

وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَعْمَالَهُمْ

2) and averted them from [His] way,

 so they are not guided

فَصَدَّهُمْ عَنِ السَّبِيلِ فَهُمْ لَا يَهْتَدُونَ


- The way that Satan tries to avert them from Allah's way is through making their deeds pleasing to them

(وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَعْمَالَهُم)


- Whenever anyone gets pleased from his own thoughts and deeds he would absolutely be averted from Allah's way and then he never gets pleased from Allah's way anymore, because of his selfishness

 وَزَيَّنَ لَهُمُ الشَّيْطَانُ أَعْمَالَهُمْ فَصَدَّهُمْ عَنِ السَّبِيلِ فَهُمْ لَا يَهْتَدُونَ


- Any kind of worldly  pleasure would forbid us from even realizing the pleasure of the Imam's presence and conciousness



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


Life with Imam Mahdi AJ

The respected Islamic leader, Ayatollah Khamenei:


The relationship between Shias with Velayat authoeity and Imam Mahdi (A.J) is a perpetual tie and it's good and necessary to keep this deep relation, one by one  by paying attention, requesting and talking to him.


 One who believes in this issue, is more successful to enjoy the spritual facilities and to be close to Allah because he is connected to God's blessing, main point and pivot of God's mercy. That's why spiritual and meaningful people perpetualy  notice his excellency in their deep prayers. Heart connecting itself,  intentional and spritual reminding to that excellent center of power,  mercy and God's juctice makes the man raise into a higher level, spritually and  intellectualy.


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

This is a big pain why even many preachers and speakers encourge us towards business when they're talking about Fatima's Mahdi (A. J) ?
یا ایها العزیز
مسنا و اهلنا الضر
م جینا ببضاعه مزجاه
فاوف لنا الکیل
و تصدق علینا
Why we have chosen Yousef's brothers kind of traiding speach ?
We're the one who want to prepare his arrival, do our best to help him . Why should we ???
Do we have to think about improving our business?
Oh God, the Fatima's Mahdi who is stranger....
Why some one should go to the fireplace because of being Imam Sadagh's ( A) fan and obey him and some one else like us be unhappy that:
ان یجعلنی من عتقایک من النار؟
Generally the reason that Yousef presented to his brothers that
(First bring Benyamin then Yaghob to me) was, to introduce purified love towards every one.
Actually like prophet Yaghob (A) it's time to say:
یا اسفا علی یوسف
Oh sorry for Yousof.
First we should complain to God just like Yaghob the prophet,
انما اشکوا بثی و حزنی الی الله (استغاثه)
Second we should encourage people to search and find (pure request) to God and not to be disappointed of God's blessing.
"اذهبوا و تحسسوا من یوسف "
"ولا تایسوا من روح الله"
Hope to take model and follow this program due to Yaghob the prophet, at the age of Fatima's Mahdi (A.J) absence. INSHALLAH
Oh, Those who assist him, to broadcast this message worldwide please do what you can and do your best. @arbaeenmobaleghin

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi