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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

The necessity of taking part in Hoseyni Arbaen walking

Saturday, 21 November 2015، 12:56 AM


Imam Zaman (AJ) will be introduced by Imam Hoseyn's (A.S.) medium ,after his Arrival. So by that time Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) must be known by people from all criteria and walking in Arbaen is the best opportunity for this purpos. There is 1373 years which has passed from the time when first traveller ,Jaberibne Abdollahe Ansari visited the holey shrine of Aba Abdollah Alhoseyn (A.S.) in Arbaen from Aedina to Karbala.All these years many religious authoritis cared about visiting his holy shrine in Arbaen and were bare footed walking to Karbala from glorious Najaf ,no doubt  that Jaber ibne Abdollah is the first walker to holy Karbal in Arbaen at 61 year of Hijrah and  this nice ritual was done by purified leaders (A) in their time despit of blood sheding arrogant of Omavi and  Abasi  governers .

Walking in Arbaen tradition exist on Sheykh Ansari's time but who revived that after him?

There are some traditions that visiting Karbala with bare foot was common by the time of Sheykh Ansari (died in 1282 lunar) but some times it was forgotten and  was revived by "Sheykh Mirza Hasane Noori"This high ranking man measured to walk in Arbaen from Najaf to Karbala for the first time in Ghorban eve. And it took 3 days acompanying with 30 people of his folks and  friends.

After that "Mohadese Noori" decided to repeat that every year .About year 1319 was his last bare foot walking to Imam Hoseyn's (A.S.) holy shrine. The benefit of this action according to Imam Sadegh (A.S.) :

You might ask why this walking was strongly emphasised and  should be done with special enthusiasm and  excitment? According to Imam Sadegh(A.S.)  saying that approves the secret  aspects of this action ,one who walks bare footed to visit Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) God will gift him for each step and  clears one of his sins and  high ranks him ,2 angels will judge him to write what  he says and  erase his mistakes and evils, farewell him after his coming back and tell him : Oh,  you the guardian from God ! your sins were deleted , you are a member of God's ,his prophet and  his family's party now .swear to God ! You would never be in fire and  burn . (Kamelo ziyarat p 134)

Supreme leader's opinion :

Hazrate Ayatolah Khamenie,  the great leader points to the importance of honoring Arbaen day in Farvardin the 1th 1385:

"The start of Hoseyni's magnetic attraction is on Arbaen's day ,it takes Jaber Ibne Abdolah from Medina to Karbala .This is the same magnetic that stayed in our heart after many years .

Ayatolah Bahjat opinion :

He says :In traditions has said  that when Imam Mahdi(AJ)  arrives ,would call 5 tips to all people in the world :الا یا اهل العالم ان جدی الحسین قتلوه عطشانا ،الا یا اهل العالم ان جدی الحسین سحقوه عدوانا ،Imam Mahdi(AJ)  introduces himself by Imam Hoseyn (A.S.) to the all people around the world should know him but now there are many people still don't know him and  it's our fault ,because we didn't shout correctly to the world so they didn't hear it .walking in Arbaeen is the best time to introduce him to the world .Despit there was a time that visiting his holy shrine  was difficult ,their life were in danger but people were accepting all these dangers and  were going to kiss his foot by Arbaen.

Ten year of Hoseyni's excitments  of Iraqis/ Arbaen the biggest Shia's reunion in the world.

Surveys showed that autharities and  leader's  walking was continued up to the Sadam's time ,but the time he became Iraqi's president in 1358 (1400 lunar) and  his collapse  in 1381 (1424 lunar) glourios mourning and  walking in groups were stopped although there are some news of hidden walking during his presidency that s. Times led to martyrdom by Basi's army but Iraqis have proved their love another time to the world during 10 years of his collapse ,to perform this great ceremony with other Shias  and  fellows from Iran, Lebenan ,Pakistan, India, Qatar ,Emarat, Kuweit,  and Bahreyn. ....

The culture of Ashora :

The kind of uprisings and revolutions which are in the way of human excellence, aren't restricted to the time and meaningless about defeating. The ray of uprising of Imam Hussain(A.S.), against it's exterior failure at the month of Moharram in 61 ah, spread all of world. And from the tomorrow of Ashora, the sound of Ashoraian people rocked the palace of cruelty.

One of the calls that arised from the larynx of Imam Khomeini after 14 centuries, was the call of justice of Iranians at 15 of the month of Khordad in 1342, finally lead to the victory of Islamic revolution of Iran at the month of Bahman in 1357.

The morning ceremony:

The funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.), in addition to keeping alive the named of martyrs of Karbala, lead to resuscitation of the culture of Ashora among these 14 centuries, and also more correlation and uprising of Shias.(the fact insisted by Western researchers.)

Nickerson said: "The tragedy  of Karbala lead to regret of Omavis, because it made Shias more united and became united for revengeing and reflected their call in everywhere specially Uraque and Iran."

Nike Azady write about the affect of funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.) on Imam Khomeini's uprising:"the mourning ceremonies changed to the political Tribune for expression of social corruption and injustice and the necessity of uprising against the government."

Imam Khomeini said: “You should know that if you want to preserve your uprising,  you should preserve this tradition(funerals of Imam Hussain(A.S.) "

Resuscitation of spirit of martyrdom:

In the culture of Shia, martyrdom means immortality and the best way to get close  to God. This is a gift from Imam Hussain(A.S.) and from his blood  given to Shia, which taught the everlasting to human beings.  And because of resuscitation of spirit of martyrdom by Imam Khomeini's speeches and statements, Iranians became brave and fought against injustice until the victory of this revolution.

Introduction of void and disgracing feudist:

One of the cultural effects of the Ashora uprising was the introduction of void and disgracing feudist. As the same of Ashora which cleared the real face of Moavia's government for people, Imam Khomeini's speeches revealed the ugly face of the government of the kingdom. In fact the uprising of Ashora presented the light of guidance to Imam Khomeini to be able to know about Islam and rescue from incompetents.

Slogan and Commination:

In the Holly Quran it is expressed that: "No doubt! The curse of Allah is on the Zalimun(the oppressors)"

In many of Ziarats, specially Ziarat Ashora of Imam Hussain(A.S.), commination of ruthless means hatred of them, whom stand against the right.

Imam Khomeini:"The commination of ruthless about Ahlolbeyt is the all of our strong people's call ."against ruthless governors forever.”


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