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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

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 Message Number 1 Ansar Almahdi

✅ Our duties as making the situation ready for Imam Mahdi's Arrival :

(with respect to the imminent symptoms of his Arrival)

1️⃣ A movement to lead the Shiites toward self-purification and following the unit leadership (Supreme Leader)

2️⃣ Knowing the enemies (Islam enemies and specially the enemies of Shias')

3️⃣ Explaining the legitimacy of Shiism to the world. (Ali Ibni Abitaleb is right and so are his followers) (الحق مع علی و شیعته)

4️⃣ Praying and doing jihad to fulfill the promises of God and eliminate the enemies of Islam.

5️⃣ Calling the Muslims of the world for unity and informing the people of the world about the oppression and legitimacy of Al-e Muhammad (PBUH) specially the oppression of Imam Hussain (AS) and his real followers (Shias)

(Be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 16:

 Staying up at the eve of 15 Shaban is the calmination of prayer for the health and appearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S.)

 IMAM Mahdi (A.S.) : “ The pray for my arrival (my Faraj) verily lies on your Faraj (on your joining with me)”

 What is Faraj of one who prays? 

1- The condition for the acceptance of the prayer is the purity. So that it would lead to pray more and more when we say purity it means that it is purified from every thing including personal benefits and wishes, unless him for the mere sake of the Almighty Allah. Because The Almighty Allah called him “The best” (Surreh Hod v.86). We should not seek him for ourselves but we should ask for Allah permission. So that we could provide our sincere assistance for him and give him a sincere helping hand. Inshallah, this prayer could be materialized due to its sincerity. Let us pray at the 15th of Shaban eve for his appearance and ourselves. Oh, my Lord let us to be among his helpers, companions and his sincere friends. (the prayer at 15th of Shaban eve)

 2- If we sincerely and constantly pray for his arrival we would believe in Imam Mahdi’s presence and The Almighty Allah would grant us such understanding, wisdom, and cognition that his absence and appearance would make no differences for us, that is to say we would live in the absence era such a way that we live in his appearance and we would sincerely be at his service and would utterly be ready for his appearance and being along his side inshallah. 3- The night of 15th of Shaban is the night when the destiny of people is ordained. The Almighty Allah has promised his appearance by his birth. However we failed to ask for his arrival sincerely. Let us pray at the eve of 15th of Shaban sincerely with a deep belief in such a way that we are staying up behind his tent so that this night would turn to a real Eid for his Shias, inshallah.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

 Message No. 15:

 How to benefit from Imam Mahdi (A.S.) 

Imam Sajjad (AS): Verily the people of his ( Imam Mahdi A.S.) Absence era, who believe in his Imamate and are waiting for his arrival are the best people of all eras, because the Almighty Allah has granted them such wisdoms, understandings and cognitions that Absence is deemed to them like presence." 

 Imam (A.S.): " the way to benefit from me at my absence is such the way to benefit from the sun behind the clouds ." How to benefit from the sun behind the clouds? We do not see the sun behind the clouds, but we know that there is (understanding his prescence) We do not see the sun behind the clouds, but we see its light from behind the clouds (understanding his appearance) We do not see the sun behind the clouds, but we see everything by its light We do not see the sun behind the clouds, but we enjoy its energy

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 14:

 Self improvement by the scale of his appearance (Imam Mahdi A.S.) We all live in the rational moments as Imam Mahdi’s Rise (A.S.) have emerged. Imam Sadeq (A.S.): know The Sign (Imam Mahdi A.S.) so when you know him it would not be a disservice to you after or before falling The Rise, Lord said:" so someone who knew his Imam is like the one who is present at his tent (Osol Kafi, v. 2, p. 209) By that vision and knowledge we would get countless opportunities, such as: 1- Some kind of tasting The Rise and understanding his presence. 2- a revolutionary way to prepare for The Rise 3- Ultimately benefit from the sun behind the clouds (in his absence). 4- Harmony with the emergence of The Rise before it happens When Imam Mahdi (A.S.) comes all will be improved, but field producers of his Rise must be improved before it , because this is a prerequisite for the emergence of The Rise. اللهم با التجلی العظم .....عجل لولیک الفرج

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 13:

O' Envoys of Imam Mahdi ( AS)

  امیر المومنین علی (ع)  : ما رایت شیئا الا و رایت الله قبله و بعده و معه و فیه

Amiralmomenin Imam  Ali ( AS): I saw nothing unless before it and after it and with it and  in it I saw Allah.
(I saw nothingما رایت -) he intended to see nothing;
( a thing شیئا -) no to see the world;
( unless الا -) it has an exception;
( and saw Allah و رایت الله -) unless that world becomes a means to see Allah ( the Creator) with the heart eye.
Watch out forward and just cycle in the world ( move towards Allah)
The world is very precious because only by being with it and in it, both before and after, one may meet Allah ( not by quitting the world)
He is the First (before it هو الاول -)
He is the Last (After it هو الاخر -) 
He is the Evident (with it هو الظاهر -)
He is the Immanent (in it هو الباطن -)

He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Immanent, and He is, of all things, Knowing.

  (هو الاول و الاخر و الظاهر و الباطن و هو بکل شیء علیم) ( Surah Al-Hadid: 3, Holy Koran)
Imam Ali ( AS), facing with everything in this world at all moments ( before and after) and at all states ( with it and in it), was not involved but he was always seeing Allah. In fact, the world was a site for his flying towards Allah. He neither stopped at before and after it nor external and internal states (with it and in it). Only, he continued flying towards Allah from various sites of this world. 
If we fail to pattern after, Imam of Time ( May Allah expedite his Appearance) would avoid us as ordained by the Almighty Allah:

 (فاعرض عن من تولی عن ذکرنا و لم یرد الا الحیوه الدنیا 
And thou, therefore, avoid those who turn away from all remembrance of Us and care for no more than the life of this world ( Surah An-Najm: 29, Holy Koran)

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi


Message No. 12:


Hazrat Zahra's Whole- hearted Acceptance of 

Guardianship ( Velayat) Brought About Her Glittering

( Zahra means glittering)


Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (SA) by her own was a guardian (Valyiollah) and she was also complying with the guardianship of Muslims Guardian ( Valye- amre Moslemin) by putting herself under the auspices of that guardian through which she was absorbing glitter as well as glittering the route of others.
During the life of the Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH), Hazrat Zahra (SA) was under the auspices of her father guardianship and (as he was her father, for this very reason,  he had guardianship ( Velayat) over her in that capacity) she was thinking and behaving in compliance with him and she enforced what perceived through his presence. By perceiving Prophet's presence and guardianship, she granted the curtain of her house, her necklace and wedding dress to needy persons. After the demise of the Holy Prophet Mohammad ( PBUH), having perceived the presence and guardianship of her Imam of Time, Amiralmomenin (AS), who was her husband (and had guardianship for that reason), although she was reluctant, she accepted to receive those three persons who asked for meeting her. When, at mosque, she intended to curse them, complying with her Imam of Time, Amiralmomenin (AS), she refused to curse. She managed all her affairs by his guardianship.
Of course, her Imam of Time was present (apparent) as well as her father and her husband respectively. But, for us he is neither apparent nor our father or husband that is why we mostly lose the track. Therefore, to reach to the light one should accept and comply with the guardianship of his or her parents and her husband, in case of wives, (unless for prohibited- haraams) and deputy of Imam of Time ( AJ) that is Valye Faghih- guardian jurisprudent. So that one, by Allah's permission, could perceive and comply with Imam of Time and be fully established under his guardianship and become glittering.

One who is under the auspices of guardianship of his Imam of Time glitters and may cast light on others and pave their ways

To be under Imam's guardianship means not accepting the guardianship of ego any longer. We should not act in accordance with the criteria of our wisdom and experience, judgment of the public and our social status any longer.
Holy Koran, 5:55
Only Allah, His Messenger and the true believers who are steadfast in prayer and pay alms while they kneel during prayer, are your guardians.
First thing first, we should consider principle as principle and trivial as trivial. The principle is guardianship ( Velayat) and accepting and complying with the guardian. In practice, having not properly planned (see message 3), we displace most of the times these two (principle and trivial) instead of each other, consequently; we move about ourselves without any ascending move whatsoever.  
O' my Creator:
Thanks to the special occasion of the birthday of  Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (AS), let us free from egos and being stubborn and put us under the guardianship of our Imam of Time (AJ) at all moments of the rest of our lives, in full compliance and coordination with him. So that,  we would become glittering and in the route towards Allah cast our glitters on others. In the end, we would be able to pave the grounds for the reappearance of the world savior, Hazrat Baghyatollah Imam Mahdi (AJ),enshaallah.
( we are looking forward receiving your comments) 

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 11:

Who are the companions of Imam Mahdi(AS)?

Imam Mahdi's (AS) companions  are:
1. Combatants: those who are ready to combat( هم کرارون) ;
2. Peoples who are industrious in obeying him; ( مجدون فی طاعته) ( ebne abel Hadid- A Description of Nahjolbalaghe,Vol. 9, p. 129), they turn around him like butterfly around candle.


Imam Sadegh (AS):Their (companions of Imam) obeying Imam is more serious than a servant obey before his master.( Allameh Majlesi, Beharolanvar, Vol. 52, p. 13)


If someone has considered Imam Mahdi (AS) as his Imam not his ego, wisdom and experience, he should pattern after him at all stages of his life and that is not possible without perception of his presence and if a man do not live under the guardianship ( Velayat). 
If one do not live under the guardianship of his Guardian( Imam), he will live under the guardianship of his ego. Therefore, as all components of the world are related to each other, not only he would not perceive the presence of his Imam, but he would vitiate himself. ( لو اتبع الحق اهوائهم لفسدت السماوات و الارض، مومنون 71 )  Holy Koran, Chapter Momenoon, verse 71 also Al-mizan Interpretation, Vol. 8, in the explanation of verse 94 of Chapter Araaf.
Thus, perception of the presence of Imam Mahdi ( AS) in this world( Valyollah) that is perceiving his guardianship ( Velayat ) and succeeding in obeying him at all stages of life would not materialize unless: 
At his Absence era, at society level, one can perceive the presence of Guardian of Muslims( Valye-amre Moslemin)- Valye Faghih and obey him.
At family level, one can perceive the presence of his guardian( Valy including father, mother and husband-  الرجال قوامون علی النساء Holy Koran, Chapter Nissa, v. 34), obey them that is to consider himself under their guardianship and show affection towards them while having politeness and shame for presence.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 10:

Perception of the presence of Imam Zaman ( AS) in his words:

" I am the last executor of the Messenger of Allah by whom all the disasters and intrigues of my acquaintances and followers will be removed. It reads in the invocation of Lamentation ( Nodbe) : (Oh my Creature) deem our prayers, thanks to him, accepted and our sins forgiven and our desires fulfilled and grant us unlimited means of livelihood and make our hardships less and meet our demands in full.
( perception of his presence brings about such special attention  for us)…
At the end of that prayer( invocation) it reads: and give us the opportunity to quench our thirst from the spring of his great grandfather's Kowsar, peace be upon him, using his cup filled by him, fresh and pure, sufficient, wholesome, clear and cool, not leaving any desire thereafter, O' the Most Merciful.
( It is the perception of his presence through which our thirst will specially be quenched and by the mercy of the Almighty Allah there follows no thirst whatsoever.)
Imam Mahdi (AS): " During the Absence era, enjoying me is like enjoying sun while covered by clouds". To let the shines of sun in, we should open the curtains and step out of our homes. To let the sunlight of the being of Imam Mahdi (AS) one should remove the hindrances and walk out of the house of oneself. To accomplish that one must retract and seek the Almighty Allah to succeed us, as contained in the Holy Koran: unless my Lord has a mercy. Therefore, we should wholeheartedly ask for His special mercy that is the perception of presence and consequently establishment of his reappearance, enshaallah.  
Imam Mahdi(AS):"Our hearts are containers for divine will and providence ;therefore, when there is a divine will there is a man desire". So, we should ask him…
O' my Lord! Thanks to Lady Fatemeh Zahra(S),at this Fatemeh Days, we swear to you so that you select us for yourself and your religion and your Imam of Time. Let us and all Muslims of the world succeed in perceiving the presence of Imam Mahdi so that the ground be paved for his reappearance. 
  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 9:

Duties of Waiters of Imam Mahdi (AS)


Perception of the presence of Imam Zaman ( AS)
By the discourse of the Auspicious Leader of the Islamic Revolution

" the relation between Shias and Velayat authority, promised Mahdi(AS), is a constant relation and how nice and necessary it is for each of us to maintain this relation with consideration, resorting and talking to him. According to the prescribed Ziarats that some of them are quoted and most probably ascribed to the very infallible ( AS). This heart-to- heart moral relation between the peoples and Imam Mahdi (AS) is not only a good relation but necessary with some consequences: because it continually brings about hope and wait in the heart of human being.
"One who believes in that issue, since he has established a moral relationship with the center of divinely scholarship and the focal point of beams of blessings of the Almighty Allah would be more successful in enjoying the means of moral exultation and proximity to the Almighty Allah. That is why the men of meaning and conscience, in their moral resorts, constantly pay a heed to him. The very heart- to- heart connection and moral consideration of that manifestation of blessing, power and justice of the Exulted Allah will ascent and grow human and pave the way for his moral meaningful progress.
This is an extensive field whoever is in connection with him through his conscience, heart and life would be enjoyed as such. Of course, paying attention to the focal light should be a real consideration. Ranting has no effect in this regard. If one is morally attended and resorted and acquired sufficient cognizance, he will be enjoyed. This is an individual field of personal and moral evolution."
Through the perception of his presence there might be politeness and shame before his presence; this would rapidly correct our hearts and functions in all aspects of life, it means that the way would be paved for his reappearance, inshallah. 
  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

Message No. 8:

In the Name of the Most High

Perception of the presence of Imam Zaman ( AS)
Talking with Hojjatoleslam valmoslemin Haj Agha Panahian

As it is hard for one to consider himself in the presence of the Almighty Allah all the time, the perception of the presence of Imam Zaman ( AS) is also hard and requires a program and practice.
We believe that Imam Mahdi ( AS) lives alongside of us and the extent of his divinely being covers all our life and world. Now, how should we observe the politeness for his presence and consider ourselves before that divinely being?
As it is hard for one to consider himself in the presence of the Almighty Allah all the time, the perception of the presence of Imam Mahdi (AS) is usually hard for us and requires a program and practice. For example, one should earmark some times to make his ablution ( vothu ) and sit towards Qeble ( Kaaba) and, in a moral state, consider himself in the presence of Imam Mahdi (AS) and to make the feeling of presence with consistent program and practice. This program of action and inculcation as suggested by Imam Khomeini (PBUH) as to be effective could take us in the presence of Imam Mahdi ( AS) for moments. Imam Khomeini (PBUH) reiterates that one thing that is useful for educating the human being is inculcation. If one wishes to train himself, he should inculcate the relevant matters to himself by repetition. A matter that should have effect on one's ego could be more established by repetitions and inculcations. (Imam Khomeini's Sahifa, Vol. 13: p. 397)
There is no way for the perception and feeling of presence unless practice. Even in repentance one should consider himself in his presence. In fact, repenting towards the Almighty Allah is always subject to remorse for one' conduct and an apology to Imam Mahdi ( AS) as well as to make him a mediator( shafii). This repentance and remorse that may always be said and felt should happen in the presence of Imam Mahdi ( AS), Baghiatollahelazam. 
A summary of the characteristics of a waiter of Imam to come: 
1. He should not care about himself,
2. He should care about others
…others, for example, Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Bahrainis and even the oppressed people of Europe. 
To care about others and not oneself or sacrificing oneself are the two wings by which a waiter can fly.May Allah expedite his coming ( Allahoma ajjel levaliekalfaraj)    

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi