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Willayat(Part 11)

Friday, 2 March 2018، 08:47 AM


In the name of Allah 


#Willayat(The  lecture of  Ayatollah Khamenei in Ramadan of 1394 in Mashhad): We present you it's summary: 👇👇👇
(Part 11)

❓❓  Now, what about the external relations with non-Islamic people? In one word, the Islamic umma should administer its relations with them in such a way that it will never be subjugated to them, never be influenced by their thoughts and doctrines and never abandon its independent policies under their influence. Being in one camp or front with them is absolutely forbidden. Here I better relate the story of minting coins in the world of Islam. I sum up the story: in early centuries of Islam currencies for business transactions were of foreign origin, specially Roman, and once the Romans had threatened to stop the flow of their currency into the Islamic world. According to certain reports, one of our Imams, either Imam Saadeq (AS) or Imam Baaqer guided the Khalifate administration how to mint Islamic coins and not to be dependent on non-Islamic governments in this important affair. The interesting aspect of this report is the fact that this case is one of the exceptional times when our Imams (AS) guided the Khalifs whose authority was usurped.

✅Thus we as Muslims are once again advised not to be influenced an iota by non-Islamic, specially anti-Islamic powers. Islam is not against having fair relations with such countries but Islam rejects all exploitative, colonial relations with them. You must know about the incident of Tobacco Concession given to a foreign company called Regie by Nasser-al-Dean shah; the concessions granted to this company would allow it to control many business deals as well as supervising the Iranian Customs Office. So Ayatollah Mirza Shirazi issued a fatwa against it, all people supported it and the Shah had to cancel the contract. Another significant case was that of the British East India Company allowed to operate in India by some weak-minded, Mongol, Muslim rulers that ended up in turning India into a colony of Britain for decades; in fact Britain become a real empire by this Company plundering the wealth and resources of India. Those Muslim rulers should have known better about granting such immense concessions to foreign countries but unfortunately they did not have a proper, Islamic insight. Islam never sanctions such relations with non- Islamic nations.(Be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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