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Willayat(Section 10)

Friday, 9 February 2018، 10:54 AM



In the name of Allah 


(Section 10)

#Willayat(The  lecture of  Ayatollah Khamenei in Ramadan of 1394 in Mashhad): We present you it's summary: 👇👇👇

🌈Well, let’s go back to our discussion of wilayat which I hope to bring to a satisfactory conclusion within a couple of days. I have already told you about the establishment of an Islamic society and the Islamic umma. Now when we do have an Islamic society based on divine laws and injunctions, then the most necessary factor for its continuation and progress is in Quranic wilayat, as I explained . We should not confuse this Quranic wilayat with the concept of wilayat that some ordinary people have in mind. We are now dealing with the concept of wilayat as designated in the Quran. If the Islamic umma is to respect the Quranic wilayat, they have to pay attention to all three dimensions of wilayat as I briefly explained before. The first dimension is about their internal relations, that is, relation within the Islamic community. The second covers the Islamic external relations, that is, the umma’s relations with non-Islamic society

🌈The first dimension on internal relations will be realized only when utmost coherence, unity and solidarity is secured among all groups within the Islamic world without any adversity, enmity or harmful differences among them. In case some units or groups in the world of Islam start fighting each other for any reason, the Quranic injunction is that all other than Muslims should do their best to put an end to it by mediations and brotherly compromises, but if one party is the aggressor or fights for wrongful causes, all other Muslims should unitedly try to stop him and make it see the truth. This is the very Quranic verse in this respect: “if two parties among the faithful are at war, the one against the other, make peace between them, but if either of them transgresses against the other, then you must combat the transgressor until it submits to Allah’s order, and when it does so, make peace between them in fairness and with justice…”(Sura 49, Aya 9). As you notice the Quran tells us that if a party is the transgressor, you must unitedly oppose it and, if necessary, fight it until it returns to the peaceful path of God. This is God’s injunction about preserving the unity of the Muslim umma.(Be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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