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Tadabor of Ziyara Arbaeen-section four

Saturday, 30 September 2017، 02:03 AM

#Tadabor_Of_Ziyara_Arbaeen :

Tadabor of Ziyara Arbaeen

🌹وقَدْ تَوَازَرَ عَلَيْهِ مَنْ غَرَّتْهُ ٱلدُّنْيَا

"Yet, those who were seduced by this worldly life,"

🌹وبَاعَ حَظَّهُ بِٱلارْذَلِ ٱلادْنَىٰ

"who sold their share (of reward) with the lowliest and meanest,"

🌹وشَرَىٰ آخِرَتَهُ بِٱلثَّمَنِ ٱلاوْكَسِ

"retailed their Hereafter with the cheapest price,"

🌹وتَغَطْرَسَ وَتَرَدَّىٰ فِي هَوَاهُ

"acted haughtily, perished because of following their desires,"

🌹واسْخَطَكَ وَاسْخَطَ نَبِيَّكَ

"brought to themselves Your wrath and the wrath of Your Prophet,"

🌹واطَاعَ مِنْ عِبَادِكَ اهْلَ ٱلشِّقَاقِ وَٱلنِّفَاقِ

"and obeyed the dissident and hypocritical servants of You"

🌹وحَمَلَةَ ٱلاوْزَارِ ٱلْمُسْتَوْجِبِينَ ٱلنَّارَ

"and the bearers of the burdens (of sins) who deserve Hellfire—all those supported each other against him."

Imam Hossain(as)'s mission was to save Allah's servants from ignorance. But there was alot ot things which kept some of them ignorant, such as:

-This worldly life

-The lowliest and meanest reward of this worldly life

-Their haughty  act

-Following their worldly desires

-Geting Allah's wrath and the wrath of His Prophet

-Obedience of the dissedent and hypocritical people

-And the obedience of the bearers of sins

All of these are exams of this worldly life. Some understand it well and follow the Imam, but some don't understand it well so stay ignorant and disobey the Imam.

Imammate and Wellaye  is so that to save the people from ignorance. Sometimes the Imam teaches, give lectures, through hadithes, and he does it by keeping peace . But sometimes the Imam should fight against ignorance specifically when all the ignorace fights with  Imammate and Wellaye, such as what happened in Karbala. 😭

(Be continued)



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