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Willayat🌹(section 3🌹)

Saturday, 30 September 2017، 01:43 AM



In the name of Allah 


#Willayat(The  lecture of  Ayatollah Khamenei in Ramadan of 1394 in Mashhad): We present you it's summary: 👇👇👇

(Part  3)

❓❓Why do they have to respect such peculiarities? The answer is to survive and not be affected by the prevailing circumstances. This is called wilayat in the holy Quran. Thus the Prophet instilled all these characteristics in his followers, and established a unique brotherhood among them so that later they could bring about the Islamic umma and form an Islamic society.

These early believers and followers of the holy Prophet were advised not to mix with the opponent of monotheism, not to join the Jewish groups, not to asso¬ciate with the Christian camp and not to be friends with the polytheists; all these measures were necessary for the true believers to stay clear of any ideological pollution by the enemies of Islam and Prophethood. And let me here emphasize that even after the establishment of the Islamic society and a great umma, the need for wilayat is still necessary and here we’ll have to expand and broaden our discussion to see why wilayat is needed. At this juncture, we may also pay par¬ticular attention to the sort of wilayat believed and expressed by the Shi’a branch of Islam. We have already noticed that wilayat at the time of the holy Prophet, when Muslims were surrounded by an ignorant, backward and pagan society, was absolutely required for the later success of the Prophet’s divine mission.

(To  be continued)


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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