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Velayat Fagih: Message 6

Tuesday, 23 May 2017، 06:47 AM

#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)

?In the name of Allah

 Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih
(the Authority of the Jurist)


? The questions about Velayat Faqih:

?What kind of  qualifications  should  a Jurisprudent have in order to be the  leader  of  an Islamic society,?

In previous parts, we mentioned 2 conditions:
?*Absolute divine law and ?**Absolute Justice:

And the third condition is:
?***Leader's intelligence and management's power.

It means the  true political and social insight, prudence, courage, management and enough power for leadership.
So in addition with absolute prudence and being knowledgable, he should be qualified to order in different theology's chapters and also be justice and pious for Islamic nation's leadership.

The main conditions of a jurisprudent  are being talented and able to lead a country and control the high level qualified officials. It means:

??First, he should have true and right insight to political and social affairs inside and outside of  the country and recognizes enemy's policy.
??Second: He should have management's art because it needs theory and enthusiasm to control and he should have the art of wisdom.

??So we can't say  that every just  jurisprudent  is qualified to lead a society but in addition of having scientific conditions, he should be talented and be able to control Islamic nations. (  Javadi Amoli Abdollah, jurisprudence and justice, p 139)

??Also to prove succession for prudences in many cases, shows that there is no difference between leader's various  authorities and posts in this way that all these posts are  jurisprudent's  obligations   in the occultation  era and infact the  preservation  of government and making discipline in nations is the most important issue and it makes qualified jurisprudents to  take part in this serious  duty.
(Owner of Javaher sheykh Mohamad Hasan Najafi)


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