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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

Etekaf: Message 3

Monday, 10 April 2017، 09:00 AM



❤️In the name of God The Compassionate the Merciful.

Salam Alikum:
✅Three days of Etekaf(seclusion) and three steps towards completion:

👉At the second day of Etekaf, we should think about the  spiritual world, that God created us of 2 dimensions: body and soul.

We would understand the spiritual world by purifying our soul ( our wisdom,  heart, and  inner) through asking forgiveness from God (and the people as we can) and  doing good deeds.
We should get to the  answer to the  second question in the second day of Etekaf:  👉 Where am I from?
✅ My spiritual dimension is not from this world (material and natural world). My body is like a ship for my soul.
It's so important where I am taking my soul  with this body and  my deeds, because my body is like a ship for soul.

The people who are in Etekaf  and the people who accompany them with the Etekaf of their body,  want to aloof their soul too.
⭐️ Etekaf  means to wait for. A real waiter, is not calm.  A Moetakef(secluded)  is not relaxed and he waits for the flight of  his soul.

✅Mosque should be a place for his flIght . 👉 A spiritual flight  by soul.

❤️ A Moetakef(secluded)  and real waiter is not calm because of the reappearance of the  real unique Moetakef(secluded) of world, Imam Mahdi(aj).

Fatima's Mahdi (aj),  the Moetakef Imam has his Etekaf  in a mosque as big as all the world of men and angels. 👉الامام الجن و الانس

✅A  Moetakef from his nation  should understand the presence of  Fatima's Mahdi's (aj),  get connected to him by his soul and heart (specially in Etekaf' s second day, to understand his spiritual dimension) and becomes uncalm.

⭐️A real Moetakef and waiter should ask for him and become a mirror for that unique leader of this world, Imam Mahdi(aj),  insha'Allah. He should be uncalm and prays for his reappearance from the depth of his heart. Of course, all his nation should be such a way throughout the year, but it would flourish at the second day of Etekaf, Insha'Allah. 🌹
(To be continued)

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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