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Velayat Faqih: Message 4

Tuesday, 14 March 2017، 01:44 AM


#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)





 The questions about Velayat Faqih:


In the disappearance era when there is no access to infallible Imam (our era) what is our task?


Is it ever possible to imagine that Allah would leave alone the Muslims without  any governor and leader?


Imam Khumeini said: " All the reasons for Imamate  that have been brought up after the Messanger's  time are verily true about Velayat Faqih in the absence era."


 *So how should we know that the leadership of Muslims is at the hands of Faqih( the Jurist) and not the others'?


Imam Ali (as) said:  " The most qualified people to be ruler are the ones who are the most religious and the most knowledgeable about Allah's religion."


️* The person who is supposed to be  the leader needs to be aware and resistant, aware of right positions and capable of distinguishing between right and wrong. All these features are not possible unless with the supreme position of jurisprudence.


️ In response to Ishaq-ibn-Yaqhun, Imam Mahdi (a.j) wrote:    " But for the incidents that happen (for Muslims), refer to the narrators of our traditions, (i.e. scholars), because they are my witnesses upon you and I am the witness fo Allah upon them." (Kamal-ud-Di, p. 484)


In the absence era, the fully qualified jurists accurately extract the individual and religious rules, follow them, and also cast to the others. First, they extract the political rules and social issues of Islam from the religious sources, and finally with a complete tact and accuracy apply in the Islamic community. (Velayat Faqih: Velayat, Jurisprudence, and justice, Javadi Amoli pages 167-168)


Imam Sadiq (as) said:  "Any of you who becomes the narrator of our Hadith and follows Halal and Haram rules and is an expert and is acquainted with our rules you should accept him as a judge. Verily, I announced him your ruler. Therefore, whenever he issues a verdict and they didn't accept it, in fact they have ignored Allah's word and have rejected us. And a person who rejects us is actually rejecting Allah and rejecting Allah means polytheism. (vasa'il up shiat, volume 18, page 98)



* The next question is:  What are the qualifications of a jurisprudent who is supposed to be the leader in the Islamic community?



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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