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Velayat Faqih: Message 2

Tuesday, 14 February 2017، 09:30 PM



#Understanding_the_concept_of_Velayat_Faqih (the Authority of the Jurist)


Understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih

(the Authority of the Jurist)


In the name of Allah

understanding the concept of Velayat Faqih


Because of the necessity of understanding and supporting the "Velayat Fagih" as the main factor of preparing for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi(aj), we allocate some of our messages to it


Message 2:


Regarding this matter, Imam Khomaini says:  "The disciplinary rules of Islam concerning economic, political, juridical, and penal systems are likewise constant and they were not limited to the Prophet's  time; neither are they constrained to the current time. As a result, the necessity of a (legal) government and leadership becomes apparent... otherwise, the mere recommendation of a disciplinary ruling system and then the executive officials' ignorance will end up in a chaos and disorderliness in the system."


*Therefore, any school that is a messenger of a guideline for humans, does certainly have individual and social rules. These rules will be useful and effective if only they put to practice and applying divine rules and laws necessarily require a government which guarantees it. Otherwise, either the religious rules will never be applied, or they will be applied by the general all which in turn will lead to a chaos that is worse than when there is no governing system in the society.


 The next question is:  Who would be the govern man leader of the Truth???



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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