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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
International Network Of Arbaeen Mobaleghin -preachers

We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

Let’s organize ourselves for the Arrival

section 2


In the name of Allah  the Merciful The Compassionate

Second part:

We should be connected to Imam Mahdi(aj) by our heart.

It is impossible to find the right  path in all moments of life without connecting to Imam Mahdi's(aj) Wellaye.

Wellaye  means possession of managing and the authority of affairs.(Almizan translation b:14 p:280)

In case of having purified heart; Imam Mahdi (aj) will be Its target.

Quranic proof:

 🌹و انی لغفار لمن تاب و آمن و عمل صالحا ثم اهتدی(طه 82)

🌹And I will forgive those who have repentanted, done good deeds and been in right path.(Taha: 82)

Imam Sadegh (as) said:

Phrase " ثم اهتدی" (been in right path)  means, following  the Ahlolbayt's path(the Imam's path) . (Majmaolbayan, vol 7, p 23)

Just like the verse:

🌹النبی اولی بالمومنین من انفسهم(احزاب: 5)


🌹The Prophet is more worthy of the believers than themselves, (Al-Ahzab: 5)


This verse aware us of Wellaye  that God has been considered for the Prophet(pbuh) and the Imams(as).

Now if we think about how  salman (a.r) followed Wellaye, we would understand the reasons of his exact  obedience of  his Master Imam Ali (as) with no doubt.

If we would be able to vast the acceptance of Wellaye  to all our life, it would be a great  prosperity, not to become like Balame Baora; he had knowledge, but his heart was into his own passions...It wasn't towards his Imam of age (according to verse 76 s: Aaraf)

So we should know  that:

Amazments, astonishments and wrong doings are because of our not being sincere to Imam Mahdi(aj) and our heart isn't towards Allah.

We should connect our heart to Imam Mahdi(aj), to get prepared and organized for his Arrival,  inshaallah.



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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