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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
International Network Of Arbaeen Mobaleghin -preachers

We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah


In the name of Allah  The Merciful The Compassionate

The  relation between our deeds and the Arrival  of  Imam Mahdi(aj):


(Fouth  part)

The best way to face our wealth:

God would ask us of our wealth in the resurrection day

وَ قِفُوهُمْ إِنَّهُمْ مَسْؤُلُونَ (صافات24)

And stop them; indeed, they are to be questioned." (24)


Our only real wealth is God:

«مَاذَا وَجَدَ مَنْ فَقَدَكَ وَ مَا الّذِى فَقَدَ مَنْ وَجَدَكَ؟».

Imam Hussain(as):

Oh Lord, One who doesn't have you, what does he have? and one who has you, what doesn't he have?

(Beharolanva, b 95 p226 )


God is our real wealth.

One whose  wealth is God, will obtain everything and one whose  wealth isn't God would lose everything.


How can we have God in our life? Whenever  we seek for him sincerely.

من طلبنی وجدنی

In Allah’s holy hadith(Godsi hadith)  he said: “One who seek for me would find me”.

And in Ghodsi  hadith while God addressed to  Prophet DaVid (a) that:

و من طلبه غیری لم یجدنی

“One who seeks  for anyone except me, wouldn't find me…..”

Since  it is impossible to add opposites, so actually we should have beg  Allah so we could have Him in our lives  and  also ask Him for the arrival of Mahdi's Fatima (A.J) inshaallah.

اللهم عجل لولیک الفرج



  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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