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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

A big pain

Monday, 4 July 2016، 05:43 AM

This is a big pain why even many preachers and speakers encourge us towards business when they're talking about Fatima's Mahdi (A. J) ?
یا ایها العزیز
مسنا و اهلنا الضر
م جینا ببضاعه مزجاه
فاوف لنا الکیل
و تصدق علینا
Why we have chosen Yousef's brothers kind of traiding speach ?
We're the one who want to prepare his arrival, do our best to help him . Why should we ???
Do we have to think about improving our business?
Oh God, the Fatima's Mahdi who is stranger....
Why some one should go to the fireplace because of being Imam Sadagh's ( A) fan and obey him and some one else like us be unhappy that:
ان یجعلنی من عتقایک من النار؟
Generally the reason that Yousef presented to his brothers that
(First bring Benyamin then Yaghob to me) was, to introduce purified love towards every one.
Actually like prophet Yaghob (A) it's time to say:
یا اسفا علی یوسف
Oh sorry for Yousof.
First we should complain to God just like Yaghob the prophet,
انما اشکوا بثی و حزنی الی الله (استغاثه)
Second we should encourage people to search and find (pure request) to God and not to be disappointed of God's blessing.
"اذهبوا و تحسسوا من یوسف "
"ولا تایسوا من روح الله"
Hope to take model and follow this program due to Yaghob the prophet, at the age of Fatima's Mahdi (A.J) absence. INSHALLAH
Oh, Those who assist him, to broadcast this message worldwide please do what you can and do your best. @arbaeenmobaleghin

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