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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah


Sunday, 17 April 2016، 04:09 PM





Salam Alikum:
In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate
✅It's the  best opportunity to start  our studies  with the birthday of Imam Ali(AJ) and the three days of Etekaf(اعتکاف).

So, we pass  the three levels that anyone could pass while having Etekaf, too.

⭐️Three days with three levels:⭐️

There is a hadith that one hour thinking is equal to 120 years worshiping.

We should think about three questions and their  answers in these three days. It would help us to pass those three levels as well.

⭐️First question: Who am I? I am Allah's creature.

⭐️Second question: Where did I come from? From two aspects:  my phisical  body and my soul.

⭐️Third question: Where am I going to? I am going towards Allah.

✅This is the first day of Etekaf and I should think about the natural world(Allah's creatures in the natural world). I should think about myself and the past days of my life and the way I passed it.

I should ask forgiveness alot and sincerely from Allah(by Tawasol, asking from the Imams specifically from Imam Mahdi AJ) inshallah.

And we should sincerely ask for his Arrival as much as we may. We should connect to him

anyhow, to pass these three levels, inshallah.

⭐️Three days with three levels:⭐️

⭐️The second day of Etekaf: We should think about the spiritual world. We should think about our two aspects: body and soul.

The spiritual world would be realized if our soul(our reason, our heart, our internal world....) gets cleared through Tobe(asking forgiveness and good deeds).

We should realize the answer to the second question in this second day of Etekaf: "Where did I come from?"

My spiritual aspect isn't from this natural world( material world). My natural body is a vessel for my spirit.

⭐️This is so important that where I am directing my soul through my deeds and my body.

Those who are in Etekaf and the ones who are with them try to direct their soul to Etekaf, too.

Etekaf means "to wait". Those who are in Etekaf should wait for the flight of their soul. They are restless since they are waiting for the flight of their soul.

The mosque is supposed to be the platform of their soul's flight. (An spiritual flight in the  structure of soul)

Those who are in Etekaf are restless and they are waiting for that real  Moetakef(who is in Etekaf), who is being waited.

✅Imam Mahdi(AJ) is the Imam of all who are in Etekaf in a Mosque as wide as the world of Jinn and human beings(الامام الجن و الانس)

Those who are in Etekaf should be connected to him spiritually and realize his presence

to pray for his Arrival as well, inshaallah.


⭐️Three days with three levels:⭐️

⭐️The third  day of Etekaf:

At this third day, we should think about the third question and its answer: "Where am I going to? I am going towards Allah."(while passing from the worldly desires)

After thinking about the natural and spiritual world and understanding our body and soul, we should think about our truth, our basis, our Nafs, now.

⭐️🌹⭐️ Who am I and what is my Nafs which has a body and a soul?

⭐️Allah would only give the permission to those who are really waiting for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ)  to realize it.

Those who are really waiting for his Arrival have put all their hearts, deeds and their lives for it by asking for repentence  alot and so sincerely.

✅Imam Mahdi(AJ) not only needs 313 supporters but he also needs 313 leaders. They should be efficient, sincere, knowlegable, .....managers,  They should,  first of all,  be able to manage their own bodies(actions) and their own  souls.

All days specially today(the third day of Etekaf)  is the day that all the Montazeran (those who are really waiting for his Arrival) could be connected to him and could understand and reach their  Nafs.

So, as its  result, they could get closer to Allah and understand him as well. Since their is a hadith:

من عرف نفسه فقد عرف ربه

"One who   realizes his Nafs would realize Allah "

If someone who is in Etekaf or anyone who is doing as  they do  at anywhere in these three days, understands the answers of these three question alittle bit and  his journey to Allah would be started from today, inshaallah. Since he had prayed  alot for his Arrival and has had so many sincerely repentence and Tawasol(asking for help) from him and the other Imams, too.

Today, we are supposed to reach our missed one(Imam Mahdi AJ)  with the prayers and programs of "Ome Dawood" (اعمال ام داوود), INSHAALLAH.

Om Dawood, the mother of Davood, came to Imam Sadeq(A.S.) and told him about the arrest of his son, Dawood, by the oppressors, and asked him for help.

The Imam told her  to fast these three days and to do its prayes(Amale Ome Dawood which is in Mafatih) then  she will find her son.

She did it the first day and got back to the Imam while  she was so restless. Imam told her  to do them the second day, too. She didn't  find  her son yet, but the Imam adviced her  to do those prayers and programs which are adviced for today, the 15th of Rajab month, called as Amale Ome Dawood(اعمال ام داوود). He told her that she will find her son by the sunsetof the third day. And she found him at the sunset of a day like today.

It is supposed that all of those who are truely waiting for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) through their prayers and good deeds to CONNECT to him by this sunset, too, inshaallah.

Specifically, such as Hazrat Zeinab(A.S.),   such as a mother  who has lost her son, as she searched for her Hossain in Karbala, we should search for our Imam with  Amale Ome Dawood so sincerely and restlessly today. Then we will be connected to our Imam by this sunset, too, inshaallah.

Eltemase Doa for his Arrival, INSHAALLAH.


  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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