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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

About Imam Hossain(A.S.)

Saturday, 21 November 2015، 12:03 AM


About Imam Hossain(A.S.):

The uprising of Imam Hossain(A.S.) has different aspects that is important from figures and reason points of view to form this great movement. Speaking about the reasons of Ashora uprising is inspiring for the Mosloms specially to Shiaa in new ages. Standing against the oppressor. Imam Hossain(A.S.) points to his motivations of uprising that is a necessity to stand against the oppression. He replies: "یا ایها الناس ،ان رسول الله ص قال: من رای سلطانا جایرا مستحلا لحرم الله ،ناکثا لعهدالله،مخالفا لسنت رسول الله ،یعمل فی عبادالله بالاثم و العدوان ،فلم یعیر (یغیر) علیه بفعل ولا قول کان حقا علی الله ان یدخله مدخله ...الا وان هولا قد لزوموا طاعه الشیطان و ترکوا طاعه الرحمن و اظهروا الفساد و عطلوا الحدود و استاثروا بالفی و احلوا الله و حرموا حلاله وانا احق من غیر. O people! Prophet(PBUH) said : While a Moslem watches the oppression of an oppressor that counts an illegal issue as a resolvant one and breaks the vow to God ,he behaves against the Sonnah(the tradition) of Prophet(PBUH) and is guilty among people ,but if a Moslem keeps silent and doesn't blame the cruel by his behaviors and speeches doesn't disclaim and impeach , it's upon God to torture him as same as the oppressor. It will present us the complete reward. There will be no separation between the members of Prophet's body rather they will come together in the great enjoyable and pleasant heaven and the prophet (PBUH) will visit them and his promise will come true. Now any of you people who are ready to sacrifice his blood for us , get ready so l'll move early at the morning . Be aware that cruel tribe and rulers of Baniomaye follow Satan and obligatory obey him and leave obeying the merciful and appeared immoral and corruption and stopped the limitation of Allah and devoted all the Faay booties which were Moslem's belongings to themselves. They count the taboos as permitted and vise versa. And I am better than stranger (to stop these affairs, ban them and govern the Moslem society to perform the Quranic rules and Prophet's Sonnah. The important tip in above note is that Imam Hossain(A.S.) prohibited people from being silent for cruelty and oppression(which is the main pivot of this note ) additional to the conformation of Baniomay's corruptions and destruction over Moslems sovereign and Welaya for several times. In fact there are 3 important reasons of Ashura uprising in this cermon. Imam Hossain(A.S.) made all his companions ready to sacrifice themselves from a very beginning of his departure from Mecca to Koofe. He gives a famous speech before coming out of Mecca and aware the presents of standing against the oppression to the death. He says: خط الموت علی ولد آدم مخط القلاده علی جیدالفتاه وما اولهنی الی اشتیاق اسلا فی اشتیاق یعقوب الی یوسف ...من کان باذلا قینا مهجته و موطنا علی لقاالله نفسه فلیرحل معنا فانی راحل مصبحا ان شا الله. Death has been hanged to the neck of young girls like a necklase and l have this desire to visit my ancestors like the one which Prophet Yaghoob(A.S.) had for visiting Prophet Yousef(A.S.). A shamble has been chosen for me in advance that I should arrive there like I can see the wolves are separating all parts of my bodies in the desert between Navavis and Karbala and full their hungry stomach . There is no scape of destiny.


We, the prophet's family are satisfied with the Allah's satisfaction. We 're patient to his exams and disasters. All the Imams would never separate from the Prophet(PBUH) until they gather around him at Heaven. And his eye would be lightened by meeting them and Allah’s promise would be done through his family. Now, if any of you are ready to sacrifice himself for our path and is ready to meet Allah, comes with us. I would start moving at the morning, inshallah. Reviveing the prophetic custom and eliminateing heresies After the Prophet of Islam, a lot of heresies enter to the Islamic society. Instead noticeable part of prophetic customs were forgotten. Imam Hussain accents the aspect of acting according the custom of Prophet and ali in his devise, moreover he believes to the necessity of eliminateing created heresies. When he sent his envelope to the heads of basreh after his Arrival to the meka, and wrote: "right now I send my courier to you with this envelope, I invite you to the Quran and prophetic custom, because we are in the situation that prophetic custom are eliminated totally and heresies revived, if you listen my speech, I will guide you to the right path." Reviveing God sentences and helping the oppressed From such a multidimensional sermons of Imam Hussain about this aspect , is a sermon which allama tehrani quotes in lamaat alhussain from tohaf aloghol. In this sermon, Imam Hussain mentions to some other reasons for his uprising, in addition to revising the society and reviveing prophetic custom. In this sermon expressed: "Oh Allah! You know what happened to us(desiring uprising, promotion of virtue and prevention of vice, helping the oppressed and repression ruthless) is not for desiring the reign and power and property. But it is for seeing the sign of your religion and revealing the revision in your cities. Therefore your oppressed servants secure and behave according to your custom and sentences. So people be aware! If you don't help us, the ruthless governors will overcome to you and apply their power against you and try to put out the light of your Prophet."

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