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My Questions and Quran Answers No. 18

Monday, 16 November 2015، 10:20 PM
My Questions and Quran Answers Q. 18:
What were the first words God revealed to Prophet Mohammad(PBUH)? The first words of God with Prophet Mخhammad (PBUH): اه ىاسًلاا نلع نلقلاب نلع یذلا . مسکلاا کبر و ازقا . قلع یه ىاسًلاا قلخ . قلخ یذلا کبر نساب ازقا - لن یعلن .)سىره علق 5 1 ) Read in the Name of your Lord Who created - He created man from a clot - Read and your Lord is Most Honorable - Who taught (to write) with the pen - Taught man what he knew not - (Al-Alagh 1-5) (Surah 96) After mentioning in these verses the state of creator-hood, divinity, and creating the best creation in the world, human, God has pointed to man teaching with pen and the crucial role of knowledge in his life. Could its reason be anything but the effort of Islam for learning and thinking? Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) stated: اطلة العلن هی الىهد الی اللهد Seek knowledge from cradle to grave. Also, he mentioned: العلن حیاة الاسلام و عىاد الایىای . Knowledge is the life of Islam and the pillars of faith. (Nahj-ul-Fesaaha P: 418 tradition no. 4107) The Holy Quran in most of the verses invites man to thinking about sky, stars, strange events happening among them, the strong order directing and managing them, and mediating on earth, seas, and mountain creation, and etc. as well as reflecting on the surprising creation of plants plus the life order exists among them, and creation of man himself besides the mysteries behind his body structure. The holy book, also, calls man to learning physical science, mathematics, philosophy, literary arts, and finally all the sciences available to human thought only if their learning is in favor of human being and prosperity and happiness of their society. 
Yes, the Holy Quran invites man to these sciences in case they act as a guide toward truth and include the true worldview with the cornerstone of theology within themselves. Otherwise the science which occupies man by himself and prevents him from learning about truth is equal to ignorance in Quran lexicon. Prophet Mohammad stated that there are three things no one (being Muslim or non-Muslim) should leave: 
1. Doing good to parents 
2. Fulfilling the promise 
3. Faithful to the trust (Nahj-ul-Fasaaha, page 115) He also mentioned: The more Muslim is the one among you whose morality is the best and understanding of the religion is deeper.
  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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