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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
International Network Of Arbaeen Mobaleghin -preachers

We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

Message No. 7 Ahead to the Arrival

Thursday, 12 November 2015، 12:17 PM

Message Number 7 Ahead to the Arrival :

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful and the Compassionate 

Those Who Hasten to Carry Out Imam Mahdi (A.S.)’s Instructions “…O Allah appoint me among … those who hasten to carry out his instructions and commands...” (Part of Dua Ahd) In the Holy Quran, Allah has commanded us to hasten towards fulfilling Imam Mahdi (A.S.)’s instructions and commands because this is in fact the root of all good deeds. If we do so, Allah will bring us all together when needed for Imam Mahdi (A.S.)’s Arrival: “…Therefore hasten to (do) good deeds; wherever you are, Allah will bring you all together…” (The Holy Quran, 2: 148) Ahadith from Ahlul Bayt (may peace of Allah be upon them all) mention that this verse refers to the companions of Imam Mahdi(A.S.) who hasten to fulfill his commands in the End of the Times.

 In Dua Ahd, we ask Allah Almighty to appoint us among these people. These are people who have put aside their personal concerns and are only concerned with their beloved Imam’s requests and orders. Their speed is a sign of their eagerness and enthusiasm to comply with their Imam’s instructions. And this eagerness is revealed in their midnight prayers. The love of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) takes sleep away from the eyes of the lovers and makes them burn like a candle. And one midnight, inshaAllah, they will be invited to join the Karavan of Imam Mahdi’s companions where they will gain what they need (knowledge, etc) and get ready for his Arrival.

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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