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Ansar Imam Mahdi(aj) inshaallah
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We are going to get prepared for the Arrival of Imam Mahdi(AJ) inshaallah

Message No. 14

Wednesday, 11 November 2015، 09:34 AM

Message No. 14:

 Self improvement by the scale of his appearance (Imam Mahdi A.S.) We all live in the rational moments as Imam Mahdi’s Rise (A.S.) have emerged. Imam Sadeq (A.S.): know The Sign (Imam Mahdi A.S.) so when you know him it would not be a disservice to you after or before falling The Rise, Lord said:" so someone who knew his Imam is like the one who is present at his tent (Osol Kafi, v. 2, p. 209) By that vision and knowledge we would get countless opportunities, such as: 1- Some kind of tasting The Rise and understanding his presence. 2- a revolutionary way to prepare for The Rise 3- Ultimately benefit from the sun behind the clouds (in his absence). 4- Harmony with the emergence of The Rise before it happens When Imam Mahdi (A.S.) comes all will be improved, but field producers of his Rise must be improved before it , because this is a prerequisite for the emergence of The Rise. اللهم با التجلی العظم .....عجل لولیک الفرج

  • Ansar Al-Mahdi

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